Saturday, September 24, 2011


I did a terrible job of taking pictures this week.... Id' blame it on my sickness but that's really not to blame.  but here's what I got.

9.18.11 - Sunday...As usual it was a busy Sunday around here.  The girls went to the Asheville Fair with the kids and LOVED it.  I had bible study and Ken had a meeting so neither of us could attend.  They had SO much fun though. I am so glad that they got to go!

9.19.11 - Monday...just a typical Monday. I volunteered in Lillie and Allie's classrooms at school. Then came home and did some laundry, went and sat in the carline, picked up the girls, homework, dance, supper and bed. Typical Monday....

9.20.11 - Tuesday... On Tuesday these two cuties came to stay with us a few hours.  It was so much fun watching little boys play in the yard.

9.21.11 - Wednesday.... another typical day.  Volunteered in Maggie's classroom. Lunch with friends, housework for a bit, carline, pick up girls, church for meal and bible study, home, bed

9.22.11 - Thursday.... Two girls got new beds. Here is Miss Maggie checking it out.   

9.23.11 -Friday.... Family Night.  Homemade Pizza, Toy Story 3, and Popcorn!

9.24.11 - Saturday....Today has been a typical Saturday.  Soccer, a few chores, playing and leftovers for supper.
While playing, Maggie came upstairs wearing this....
apparently, they attended a concert and got to go backstage.....
She wouldn't tell me who they were seeing....;)

Aside from my being sick, it's been a pretty typical week around here.
What have you been up to?

in Him -

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Wendy said...

Are your girls playing soccer? If so, how do you manage soccer and dance? Lila wanted to play, but we said no b/c of her dance. Too much stuff and not enough time.