Sunday, September 18, 2011


Here's a small glimpse into the last week of our lives......

9.11.11 - Sunday....The weather has been so nice that last Sunday I decided to go ahead and put up my fall wreath.
Here it is over my fireplace.
Isn't it beautiful?!?
My Mom made it for me. =)

9.12.11 - Monday....This past Monday was my first day to volunteer in two of my girls classrooms.  I love doing it and hope to volunteer in all three classrooms each week!
So,  Monday was a pretty busy day This is Mr. Brady watching cartoons before heading out for this busy busy day.

9.13.11 - Tuesday....  This is Brady while waiting in the car line to pick up his sister.  With chocolate all around his mouth.  Just cuteness. =)

9.14.11 -Wednesday... On Wednesday afternoon, some friends came to stay with us for a while. This is one of my favorite pictures from the day.  Miss Lillian is watching out cat in the tree.  Tigerlily ran up the tree because Lillian and Brady spent their afternoon chasing her.
She had had enough. ;)

 9.15.11 -Thursday.... It was a cool evening on Thursday and I lit these candles. I adore this Sun and Sand scent. But I'm trying to use it up so I can give myself reason to buy a more fallish scented candle.

9.16.11 - Friday.... On Friday, I had some meetings in the morning and then cleaned house. This was my late night supper.  But a cheese plate is always up my alley.
It was DELISH!

9.17.11 -Saturday....Another soccer day.  This was the best shot I got on Saturday.
Miss Lillie in action....

Pretty ordinary week for us, and you?

in HIM-

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