Monday, September 12, 2011


I'm finally getting around to posting my 365 for LAST week....I had big plans to do this on Saturday, but it didn't happen.  We have had a lot going on this week around here.
Without, further 365 from last week.....

9.4.11 - Sunday....Last Sunday, I helped host a baby shower. I have plans to post about it later in the week. (Along with the 80's party we had)
Anyways, just look at this precious little girl!
The shower was for her...and her Mommy. 
The shower was originally planned for August but this little girl came a little early so we had to postpone the shower.
But what fun to have  a shower with  the baby. 

9.5.11 - Monday....On Monday, Lillie and I drove to Asheville to run some errands and have Mom/Daughter Day.
While I was gone the rest of the kids were having a grand time.
Here is Maggie --- made up (with make up) as a tiger....

9.6.11 - Tuesday...On Tuesday, Brady and I walked up to the Library to meet our friends.
The new library in our town rocks! 
We even picnicked at the picnic tables....
and THIS is the view!
See, it rocks!!

 9.7.11 - Wednesday.... I love my Wednesday lunches with these girls...
ALWAYS so refreshing! 

9.8.11 - Thursday....I did nothing of interest....
Here is a picture of my water apologies!

9.9.11 - Friday....On Friday, my friend Kandi and I drove over to Asheville to  get her car serviced and do some shopping while we waited.  We had a great day.  Saw several amazing hot air balloons  on the way over...beautiful!  We did some shopping and then ate an amazing lunch.  If you've never been to Asheville, they have fantastic restaurants.....and we are on a mission to eat at all of them!!!

 9.10.11 - Saturday....Saturday was a day full of soccer and chores at home. 
This is my sweet Allie during her soccer game. 

That's what we've been up to!
What about you?

in HIM-

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