Saturday, September 3, 2011


This has been another busy week.  I'm doing a terrible job at documenting our lives each is evidence by how I only took four pictures this week.....WELL - actually I took many, many, pictures this week -- but only on 4 days....

8.28.11, Sunday....The kids planted potatoes way back in May.  Sunday was harvesting day. 

8.29.11, Monday...I spent most of last week working on a birthday party that I was helping to plan. On Monday, I had a meeting at church, then went to Asheville to get stuff for the party.

8.30.11, Tuesday...Had another meeting in the morning.  Then Allie had a doctor appointment in the afternoon and once we got back Maggie had dance and Ken had a meeting...typical busy Tuesday....

8.31.11, Wednesday....On Wednesday I worked around the house and worked some more on the party.

9.1.11, Thursday.... More party stuff....This was my sneak peek of the Mrs. Pacman decorations I made...

9.2.11, Friday..... WAS BIRTHDAY PARTY DAY!  We literally spent all day working on this party.  It was LOADS of fun though...There will be a whole post on this very soon!

9.3.11, Saturday....I got a text this morning from my friend, Cassie, who said that our other friend, Jenny, had been in the hospital.  She had a seizure this morning.  Jenny is so sweet, that when I asked to stop by and check on her late this afternoon, she asked me to bring my kids to see her. 
SO, the kids and I drove over to check on our sweet friend Jenny.
As she isn't allowed to be alone for a while (nor is she able to drive), her roommate (our other friend, Emily) was there, as was Jenny's awesome boyfriend, Tripp.
Here they are with my kiddo's.
We are glad that Jenny is feeling better tonight!!!

That's our week!
What have you been up to?

in HIM-

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