Saturday, August 27, 2011

365.29- 365.34

So, I haven't been very good at this Project 365 thing to begin with. Then summer happened and things got crazy and all of a sudden I haven't participated in the project for 6 weeks.
SO, I'm not going to give you 6 weeks worth of daily pictures, but I am going to tell you what has keep us so busy in the last six weeks.
First, around July 20th --- I spend about a week getting ready for the Community VBS that we were having. Then the next week, was the actual event.
It was a LOT of work but a lot of fun and we plan combining efforts and having a Community VBS next year.

After our VBS, we made a short trip to Georgia and visited family at the beginning of August.
Miss Maggie had a birthday party once we arrived there at Nana's house.

We came home just in time to prepare for school to start back.
We drove over the mountains to the Outlet Malls in Pigeon Forge to do some last minute back to school shopping.
This is shot I got on the way home that evening coming back over the mountain.
We went swimming at a friends house one much fun.
Hoping to go again soon.
And then, it was August 11 and time for school to start back....

The following week, B and I took a walk up to the New Library.
It was built behind the Historic Courthouse in the downtown area of our little town.
Isn't it pretty?
At the end of last week (Friday - Aug. 19- Sat. Aug.20) , I too a trip to Charlotte, NC
with a couple of ladies from church for a Operation Christmas Child Event.
We went to eat at The Cheesecake Factory in and did some shopping at South Park Mall, too.
This brings me to last week....let's see what we did last week.
8.21.11 - Sunday.... Along with a few others from the Children's Committee at our church went to visit an awesome church in Asheville to see their Children's Worship.
It was amazing!
8.22.11 - Monday....On Monday Allie had surgery on her mouth so Papa came to stay with Brady for the day. I think they had a great time together!
And praise the Lord, Allie is fine!
8.23.11 - Tuesday.... Me and B on my less harried day of the week(last week anyways).
8.24.11 - Wednesday....didn't get a picture....
8.25.11 - Thursday.... I hosted bookclub at my house.
This was my cheese plate.
It was really good!!!!
8.26.11 -Friday.... Mr. B turned 3.....This is an outtake from yesterday's pics....
8.27.11 - Saturday....Today was the first games of Fall Soccer season.
Then we had a small Family Party for Mr.Brady. He was allowed to have one friend
come. His friend was Miss Olivia.
Here is my favorite picture of them from the day....

We've been busy!
What have your been up to????
in HIM-

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