Wednesday, July 13, 2011

THE Messy Party

A few weeks ago, I was talking to Courtney (our Director of Children's Ministry).
I mentioned seeing a blog about a Messy Party and thought that might be a fun thing to do as we had been looking for an event to do for the children at church in the month of June.
The words Messy Party was all it took for her to jump on board and go with it!
It was her first ever event and I think it went wonderfully
and I think that everyone had a fantastic time!

First up, to get everyone in mood to be messy, we did Shaving Cream Hair-do's.
Allie had a great time doing this and with all the hair she has, she made quite the 'do!
Next up, was the jello dig.
It is a great messy thing to do.....
BUT - two things ---It takes a WHOLE LOT more jello than you think to fill up a baby pool
(thus the reason ours isn't full) AND
jello melts.
After a while our dig was just candy floating in liquid...
BUT these kids still enjoyed themselves.

After the jello dig, we moved on to Edible Finger Paint...
made from Cool Whip and food coloring...

Maggie made her painting and then proceeded to paint herself....
This was another event we had .
The Choc-o-Bob.
We wanted to Bob for Apples but it seemed gross when we really started thinking about it,
so this was our alternative.
Here is Adam going for it!
Toe Painting was up next just to get good and messy....
Here they are getting ready to paint.
Then we had The Powder Room. I didn't get a picture of the sign for some reason.
The kids did enjoy this one.
We also had a Bubbles Station...but I didn't get any pictures of anyone doing that.
Guess they were too busy with the other stuff and such.....
Last up, to get us all clean we broke out the water.
There were water guns, water balloons and a water slide.
This was hit of the day.
My suggestion is that if you do a Messy Party that you keep the water stuff a surprise until the end. I think the water stuff is part of why the choc-o-bob and the bubbles weren't frequented.
Maybe we started to water stuff too soon.

In a about an hour, we head to camp. I don't know if they have wi-fi. Matter of fact, I'm kind of doubting it. SO, I will probably be out for the rest of the week.
Having fun with my family....and unconnected for the most part.
It's a good thing. =)
So, have a great week, y'all!
in HIM-

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