Saturday, July 9, 2011

365.26 & 365.27

I am so happy to have a new computer cord. My poor hubs told me I needed to be careful and not break this one.....{I've broken three}, I tried to explain that asking me to be careful about something like this is pretty pointless. I'm just no good at it. And neither are the kids.
But I will try honey.....really, I will.
SO, to catch you up on what's been going on while I was away -- here are two weeks worth of pictures for project 365 {expect for the few times I didn't get a picture}.....
6.26.11, Sunday.... We had a "Messy Party" for the kids at church. My kids had a blast and loved every minute of it. The opening activity was shaving cream hairstyling.
Here is Allie's best style....
6.27.11, Monday....We took the kids to the local city pool for a while Monday afternoon.
They loved it and found some friends there which made it even better.
They were all playing in the kiddie area while the lifeguards were on break.
I got this shot then....
6.28.11, Tuesday....My MIL had a wreck on Tuesday morning. She was rearended in a city about an hour away. Since my FIL was 3 hours away, I drove over and spent the day at the hospital with her getting her back checked out. I didn't think it would be polite to take her picture in the hospital bed while she was under the influence of a heavy narcotic. So I didn't.
6.29.11, Wednesday.... I had a great early lunch with a friend and then cooked all afternoon for our Fifth Wednesday Open Door Meal and Sing at church. Great pictures.
6.30.11, Thursday....We went to a great birthday party for these two cuties. There was lots of kids, lots of swimming, lots of pizza and lots of cake all around.....and lots, and lots of fun!!!
This is my favorite picture I got that evening.
7.1.11, Friday...This was family day. We drove to Asheville and took the kids to see Cars 2. We then ate supper at Papa's and Beer {One of the best Mexican Restaurants EVER}, and stopped at a park to play before heading home.
This is my Lillie and Maggie on the tire swing.
They loved it!

7.2.11, Saturday....This was housecleaning day at my house. It was really lowkey. I took this picture of a window that I just adore in my house....

7.3.11, Sunday.....A regular Sunday. Worship, out to lunch, rest with a nap {Smile}, bible study and home to bed. That's almost always how my Sundays go and it's how I like them.
We went to the local Japanese Restaurant for lunch.
This is Brady using his chopsticks.

7.4.11, Monday...Happy 4th of July!!!
We had a playdate in the morning with some friends who were home visiting from Colorado, then we went to a Community Band Concert, came home and ate a very nostalgic supper {I was missing my Grannies!}, played a bit of Monopoly and then went to see some fireworks.
My family watching the fireworks....
7.5.11, Tuesday....I had a meeting Tuesday morning and then the kids played in the sprinkler.
They had a great time!
7.6.11, Wednesday....I went on a Target Run to Asheville with my friend, Kandi while the girls were at a playdate and hubs had Brady. This is Kandi's hubby who has a fractured foot.
We had him at Sam's to pick up some stuff for a party they were having.
This is Al in the scooter cart at Sam's.
We then went on to Target and did our shopping and ate lunch at a great Vegetarian Restaurant downtown. Cheese plate with a Veggie Cuban, and stopping at the Chocolate shop down the street? Yes, please!!!!
7.7.11, Thursday...On Thursday, the kids and I had to run some errands. We were eating at Subway for lunch when Lillie lost her tooth. =)
7.8.11, Friday.... It was another cleaning day at our house. Then Lillie had a birthday party that evening. It was a swimming party and she loved every minute of it.
This is her with the birthday girl (in the center) and another friend.

7.9.11, Saturday.....Today was a very busy day. We had our Block Party for our Community VBS this morning and it went quite well. After that, we had a training for our VBS Volunteers.
I came home and made some potato salad to take to the Shrimp Boil that we had been invited to.
We had a great time with our friends and met several more nice folks, too.
This was my favorite picture from tonight.
Our friend, Salem, being silly.
It's been a great and busy two weeks.
What have you been up to since I've been away?
in HIM -


Donna said...

The pictures are great---especially the one of Allie! I think that's the first time I haven't seen her all dolled up and I love it! You sure have some busy weeks and you're a great lady for handling everything so well. Love y'all!!

Wendy said...

Busy and fun! I'm trying to think of Brady's full name after I saw his initials on his outfit. Can't think of it....:)

I'm going to post pics of the creek just as soon as I have time to get them off the camera...