Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Week With the Walsers

The week after Ken proposed to me, he moved to a new church.

I was able to be with him on his very first Sunday in this new church.

He was introduced as the new pastor and then the sweet lady said, "And I have it on good authority that the young lady sitting next to him is his fiance".

It was the first time I was referred to as "fiance".

About a year later, right before we were married,

the wonderful people at this church gave us an incredible gift.

They had a taken a love offering for us and presented it to us in a boat since we are headed on a cruise for our honeymoon.

I loved these people before I even became the pw!

We served that church for 7 years after we were married

{Hubs served another year before I got there.=)}

Our girls were all born at that church.

One of the families who loved our children as much as we do were the Walsers.

They started taking Allie home with them after church when she was about 2.

They would take them all and dote on them for hours...even days.

We've been gone from that church from 5 years now.

But the Walsers still treat us like we are family.

Last week the girls went and stayed the week with them.

This is the view of Lake Wylie from their house. They continue to love on my kids.

We fed the fish....

And we went fishing.....

We went out on the lake in the boat....

We met new friends....

We played Mother, May I?

And those are just the things I got pictures of. We also played monopoly, attend VBS, saw other wonderful folks from that church, went shopping and to the movies and just generally enjoyed the visit. We feel so blessed to have these wonderful folks still in our lives!

Thank you, Walsers for such a wonderful week.

We love you!!!

in HIM-

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