Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Camp Patton Springs in pictures -- year 3

A couple of weekends ago was our churches annual Camp Patton Springs Weekend.

We are finishing our 3rd year of ministry here, and Allie has been a camper all three years.

Maggie has gotten to go the last two years. {To be a camper, you must be a rising 2nd grader}

Hubs, Lillie, Brady and I went over and helped for Friday night and most of Saturday.

There was much singing.The introduction of the staff.

Lots of time spent walking to and from camp sites.

On Saturday, the groups worked on their banners.

They cooked hotdogs for lunch over the campfire.

They had to work on their camp sites. The camp site had to include a nature area and a worship area. This was a cross that one group made.

Hanging at the campsites!

By early afternoon, Brady had had enough.

We came home late Saturday afternoon. We went back on Sunday afternoon for the final worship service and to pick up our campers.

My girls always LOVE this weekend away.

This year was no different.

in HIM-

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