Monday, June 27, 2011


6.19.11 - Sunday....Father's Day... After church on Sunday, we came home for lunch. These kids were busting at the seams to give their Daddy his gift so we ate lunch quickly and did presents. After a nap for Brady {and Daddy} we went to a near by town with a great playground and then out for pizza {Dad's choice} for supper.

6.20.11 - Monday... This was a whirlwind day. I woke up knowing it was going to be a crazy busy day and it was. The girls were to be laying out socks and hair stuff to go with their clothes we were packing for their week away. I was cleaning and packing for Brady and myself an overnight bag, as well as getting ready to take Maggie to an orthodontist appointment. It was made even crazier because the phone rang several times, the girls weren't doing as I asked, and Brady had a poopy accident in his pants which he tried to clean up himself and instead it ended up all over my bathroom floor. Needless to say, it was a less than stellar parenting day for me....uggh.
We finally left to take Maggie to the Orthodontist who said she doesn't have to come back for 24 months. {YEAY!}
We came home and loaded the car to head to Belmont.
As I was getting the final things packed up, I found Lillie's journal.
This was her entry that day....
"A Prayer to God. Dear God help me do the tings that my mom tells me to do. I hope I tell my mom to carful when she dus stuff. help me leasn {listen} to my mom and dad. help my sisters do it to. Jesus is my safuor. Jesus is my Lord Almin"
Made my day!
We then made our way to Belmont.

6.21.11 - Tuesday...Brady and I stayed the night with our friends who were keeping the girls for the week.
We got up Tuesday morning and enjoyed feeding the fish.
This is my Allie after we had fed the fish.
I love this picture.
Brady and and I then headed back home and left the girls for a week of fun with our friends.

6.22.11 - Wednesday...On Wednesday morning, my friend, Kandi, picked me up and we were off for a short girls trip to the ATL to attend a concert. My sister, Ginger, and Kandi's friend, Michelle met us in Atlanta. What concert did we see? NKOTBSB, of course!!
And I am not going to lie. I loved it every bit as much at 37 as I did when I saw them at 16.
I only have this picture of us from that night due to the fact that they won't let you bring cameras into Phillips Arena.
But this was taken at supper right before heading to the concert.

6.24.11 - Thursday...We spent the night at the Omni Hotel on Wednesday night
{NICE place!}.
On Thursday morning, Michelle headed home and we dropped Ginger off because she was headed to visit our parents for the weekend. Kandi and I spent the afternoon doing some shopping and then headed back to home.
It was quite a wonderful mini girls trip!!!

I took this picture at the place where we ate lunch right before heading on home.
Any guesses as to where we were?
I love this place....salsa, yum!

6.24.11 - Friday...On Friday, Brady and I went back to Belmont to visit our friends.
We took the kids fishing on Friday afternoon.
This is Allie holding one of the many fish she caught.

6.25.11 - Saturday.... On Saturday, my friend, Wendy and I (and Brady) went to Concord Mills Mall to exchange some shoes I had gotten for Brady on Thursday that were too small. We did a bit of shopping while we were there. It is a great mall!
Our other friends, Tina and Julie had taken the girls to see a movie.
Then we all met back up and went out on Lake Wylie.
The kids LOVED getting to go out on the boat and so did I.
They also enjoyed swimming in the lake.
I did not swim.
Just took lots of pictures, which I will share asap!

SO, now you know why I didn't blog almost at all last week.
What have you been up to?

in HIM--



Wendy said...

Don't you just love AND hate busy busy weeks! :) I didn't know you went to a NKOTB concert when you were 16! Are you coming here for the fourth?

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

You've been busy. But, it sounds like a great week, except for the potty accident. I loved your daughter's journal entry. The was so precious. :)