Saturday, June 18, 2011


It was another super busy week around here. Go on and take a look!

6.12.11 - Sunday...began with church {of course}.

Immediately following church, there was a baby shower for one of our sweet Mommies-to-be for the second time.

I didn't take this picture, but it does show what I was doing on Sunday.

Ken and the other three kids went to meet his Mom to pick up Allie, so after the shower, I came home and rested for 2 hours and even napped. It was glorious!!!

After my nap, it was time for my study at church.

Wonderful Sunday!!!

6.13.11 - Monday...I had several meeting on Monday {well, really, just 3} and then I went over and had lunch with a dear friend of mine who was in town for Annual Conference

in a town nearby.

This is at band practice with our awesome 9:12 Band. They lead worship in one of our services.

The girls are singing with them at church.

6.14.11 - Tuesday....On Tuesday, Miss Lillie cut her hair off.

We plan to send it to Locks of Love. And she loves her new bob.

I do, too....even though it makes her look much older.

6.15.11 -Wednesday....Wednesday was Allie and Maggie's last day of school.

We picked them up about noon { it was only a half day} and took them to lunch to celebrate.

This is the only picture I got that day and it was on my phone.

Their choice of restaurants to celebrate.....

Aunt Lauren and Uncle Seth { my step-sister and her hubby} stopped by on their way home from a meeting to visit for a while Wednesday afternoon. We were SO excited to see them. I enjoyed the visit so much!

Wednesday evening we had the biggest storm we've had around here in a while. It was crazy, my girls were screaming, and it knocked out the power in thousands of houses around town.

Luckily, our house kept power....the church, however, did not. So - bible study was cancelled for that night.

6.16.11 - Thursday.... The first day of summer vacation for our family.

The girls cleaned their rooms and their bathroom.

As well as the mudporch {which I am super excited about}.

After that, we had an impromptu cookout with our neighbors across the street.

Such a great evening.

This is Brady riding his scooter after he hate his supper....

6.17.11 - Friday....We had a pretty laid-back morning.
Then Hubs and I went on a date. It's been so long since we have found time
to go on a date, and it was sooooo nice.
We went to a movie {Pirates of the Caribbean} and then
to supper at The Travinia Italian Kitchen. IT was delicious!

6.18.11 - Saturday....I was awakened this morning
by Maggie, who had come down with a stomach virus... We were up off and on
for the rest of the night.
I had a meeting for our Community VBS and then
ran some errands for Father's Day.
I also went to pick up copies of this quilt for
my Sunday School Class.
We are raffling it off for a couple of our young people at church
who are going on a Mission trip to Africa.

It has been a pretty busy week around these parts.

What have you been up to?

In Him--

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