Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Toy Shoppe

This past Saturday, May 28, 2011, was the girls Dance Recital.

This years theme was "The Toy Shoppe".

As usual, the teachers and the kids outdid themselves. It was an amazing show!

Maggie took Musical Theatre this year.

You might remember that they did "Pinkalicious- the Musical" in January.

For the recital, her call did "You Can't Get A Man With A Gun" from Annie Get You Gun.

Maggie's solo was the line " I'm cool, brave, and daring to see a lion glaring when I'm out with my Remington"....
She did a great job! She sang clearly and enunciated so we knew what she was saying.
My favorite line from the song though was this one, "Oh, the girls with umbrellers - they always get the fellers"....HA!
One day I'm gonna have to see that show!

Allie's took ballet this year.

Her class was Toy Soldiers and they danced to The Nutcracker Suite.

It was truly a beautiful dance.

And my sweet girl shined!

Miss Lillie took a Ballet/Tap Combo class.

Her class was dressed like "Monopoly Girls"

Her ballet dance was to a show tune about money.

I can't seem to find the name though...and all Lillie knows is that it says, "money,money,money,money....."

It was an incredibly choreographed dance and these

little 5/6 year olds did a fantastic job.

Her tap dance was to "She Works Hard for Her Money"

It was really cute, too and again these little girls did an amazing job!

A shot of my three beautiful dancers!

Maggie and Lillie's dances were in the First Act and Allie's was in the Second Act.

SO, during Intermission I got these pictures.

I didn't get any of Allie - she had already headed backstage for her dance.

Maggie and Grammy

Lillie with Nana and Grandpap

After the recital, we all went to supper.

It was a crazy, busy, wonderful day!!!

SO proud of my girls!

And I was looking back at previous dance recitals.

This was last year. (2010)

The year before that -- my sd card broke and I got no! (2009)
This is from 2008 .

in HIM -


Wendy said...

Your girls seem to do quite a few recitals. Lila has one coming up. Just a small one, but she's excited. She LOVES to dress up, but I'm not sure I'm quite ready for all that make-up. lol.

my family said...

I loved my recitals growing up always so much girls do gymnastic so no recitals but my youngest told me she wants to try dance out next year.

your girls looked so pretty for their dance.
thanks for stopping by

Lisa said...

Adorable! I think that the soldier is my favorite. And I cannot believe how big Lilly has gotten! She looks like Allie!

Are ya'll coming for VBS this year?