Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Today I....

..... drove the girls to school and stopped at the grocery store for some groceries that Wal*Mart didn't have yesterday

..... cooked eggs for my {first and only} breakfast and Brady's {third} breakfast

..... started a load of laundry

..... cleaned the bathroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen

..... unloaded and reloaded dishwasher

..... made {2} lasagne's

..... fed Brady yogurt and olives {his choice} for lunch and let him watch Calliou while finishing the lasagne's

..... cleaned up said yogurt that he smeared all over the table when he was done eating, while I was making lasagna and he was supposed to be watching Calliou

..... drove to the next town over to Cokesbury and picked up some books

.... made homemade bread {it didn't rise well. I wasn't disappointed}

.....unloaded and reloaded dishwasher again

..... switched laundry

..... did homework with the girls

..... ate supper with {part} of the family

..... unloaded dishwasher and began filling a third time

..... folded two loads of laundry and started another

..... picked up Allie from dance

..... got kids ready for bed

..... did bedtime with Brady and put him in bed

..... folded another load of laundry

..... got the girls in bed

..... did some weight training while watching NCIS

..... is now about to prepare for my Crazy Love Study while eating popcorn and wishing I was at the Armed and Dangerous Conference.

..... now I'm really tired.

in HIM-


Cheryl said...

I'm making the bread you made and mine's not rising either! Kinda bummed. :(

Wendy said...

It's nice to hear that someone else shares in my daily exhaustion! Chins up!!:)

Angie Vik said...

All in a day's work. Every once in awhile one of my girls will make a comment about me not doing much of anything and I think, "You're kidding, right?" Keep up the good work.