Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Homemade Pizza Making

Last Friday, I tried my hand at making homemade pizzas.

I was pretty nervous about it, but soon found that the dough was easy.

Then I was worried that I had done something wrong because it was so easy..

I made the dough Friday morning and left it in my oven to rise as I ran some errands.

When I arrived home, I separated the dough, let it sit for 10 more minutes....and then got busy making pizza crusts.

{Yes, I know they aren't the same size}

The kids and I started making our own personal pizzas.
{Maggie was with Nana for the weekend}

They loved getting to make their own pizzas.

And then I make my own pizza.

I loved making my own pizza!

It really was easy to make my own pizza dough

and making our owns pizzas as a family was great, too!

Yeah, I think we will do it again!!!

in HIM -


Amanda said...

We make homemade pizza EVERY Friday night here. I make a batch that says it's good for three dough balls, but sometimes I cut it in half. I freeze what we don't use and set it in the fridge Friday morning to defrost. It's so nice to know what's for dinner no matter what at least ONE night a week :) I've seen where you can make the pizzas and freeze them so you have homemade frozen pizzas, but I've never tried that. ENJOY your pizza!!!

Lisa said...

FUN! We made out own pizzas Sunday night for the Survivor finale. Miss you folks!

Lisa said...

I had to add that my word verification for my comment was:
lordis ... neat!

Wendy said...

You should post your dough recipe. I have a pizza dough recipe that doesn't call for rising. Oh and when you post that one, ;) could you also post the chicken salad recipe that you made last summer when we went to your house?? It was so good!!! :)