Friday, May 6, 2011

A Great Day


Yesterday was just an absolutely wonderful day!!!!

First, was the Special Olympics for our county. A group of us from church volunteered and worked in the Hospitality Tent. We also got to enjoy the games!

This is our group at about 8:30 was about 38 degrees. I am not sure what happened to the warm weather we were having. But, I hear it'll be back next week. I hope, anyway.

The Parade of Athletes

We got to watch some of the races. This man is a friend who comes to our Open Door Meal we have once a month.

He was very proud to have won 2nd place!

I love getting to help with this event every year. These kids are an inspiration to us all!!!

Last night, I went to Asheville with some of the best girls I know. If you have never been to Asheville, NC -- you should definitely go! It is a very eclectic town where you never know what you might find but it is always entertaining. And the plethora of local eateries are delicious. I am currently on a mission to try them all.

First off when we arrived, we saw Andie Macdowell. I knew that she lived around Asheville. I just didn't expect to see her walking down the street as we were turning into the parking garage. The three young whipper snappers {college age} girls who were with us had no idea who she was. What a reminder of my age....

We recovered from the celebrity sighting, and went walking through town looking for which wonderful restaurant would catch our fancy.
While walking, we saw a few street bands and performers. We heard some very interesting lyrics including this one...."You are so pretty, I will throw a flower at you"....Not sure that guy was ready for American Idol.

We saw this band. There were really good!

We finally settled on this place for supper...

We found that it was to be a 45 minute to an hour wait to eat so we went out and walked a bit more.

And that's when we saw this guy.......

a male bicycling nun....

who shook his finger at me for taking his photo.

I told you that you never knew what you'd find in Asheville.

Across the street from the Tupelo Honey is a park.

And seeing as yesterday was the National Day of Prayer, there was

a Christian Worship Band playing there.

They were awesome.

We stopped at worshipped with them for a while.

Finally it was time for supper.

This is the exposed kitchen in the Tupelo Honey Cafe....

Y'all. I cannot stress how good the food was at this place.

They say that they have a "different take on the Southern plate"

and I guess that is probably true...

but these biscuits were absolutely as southern as it gets.

They were served with fresh blueberry preserves.


For supper, I ordered the Venerated Veggie Bowl.

Do you see what it's topped with? Yes, ma'am it is what you think it is. Tupelo Honey calls fried okra the "popcorn of the south" .....fitting don'tcha think?

Next time I go to eat there, because I do plan on going back, I plan to order the SHOO-Mercy Shrimp and Grits! Seriously, can you stand it?!!?

This is Cassie eating her corn on the cob. It has Parmesan cheese on it.....

And if all of that weren't enough,

we had Beiniets for dessert!!!!

After the Beiniets, we {or I, anyways} waddled my way back to the car.

We stopped some nice folks to take a picture of the group.

That's Emily, Cassie, me, Jenny and Kandi.

We really did have an amazing evening....

....maybe they had a little too much fun!

Well, I'm off to go get ready to head out for supper ....

{yes, two nights in a row}

Have a great Friday evening everyone!

in HIM-

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