Saturday, May 28, 2011


5.22.11 - Sunday...On Sunday, we went to church, made a mad dash home to change clothes and drove back to Camp Tekoa to pick up Allie and Maggie from CPS 2012 {which hopefully I will get around to posting about this week}. Then we made a mad dash home for meetings and bible study.

This is a picture of Allie and Maggie's group at CPS at the final assembly. 5.23.11 - Monday... I had a busy day of cooking on Monday so I didn't have time to read all of these magazines and catalogues that came in the mail....

matter of fact, I still haven't found time.

5.24.11 - Tuesday... This was the birthday of a sweet friend of ours.
We took her flowers from our yard.
Aren't they pretty?

5.25.11 - Wednesday... I thought I was doing well this week, but I didn't get any pictures on Wednesday. I did, however, get my hair done and work on my bible study materials.

5.26.11 - Thursday...Brady's class had their end of the year party. Brady brought home a counting book he made, a tie-dye t-shirt he made, and the award for Class Flirt. {ahem}

5.27.11 - Friday.... Brady's last day of school and his last day in our MMO program. Next year he will be in the 3 year old preschool class. This is a picture of him with his beloved Miss Anna and Miss Janie. We love them!

5.28.11 - Saturday...Dance Recital Day. More pics to come on this but here is one with all the girls and baby brother.

As usual, we had a very busy week. It was also Allie's first year of EOG's.

She did great -- got 3's on both of them!

With today's dance recital, things are beginning to wind down here for the year.

Dance is over until the fall, Brady is done with school, Lillie has two weeks of school left and Maggie and Allie have two and a half weeks left.

We are looking forward to summer!

What have you been up to this week?

in HIM-

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