Saturday, May 7, 2011


or is this 17? I think I skipped week 17 --so here is week 18...

Missing a few days I know!

5.1.11 - Sunday.... Busy, Busy Sunday. Church from 9-12, Explorers class from 12-2, the cleaning up from that. Home from about 2:30 - 4, 4PM - meeting at church, 5-8 - Crazy Love Study. forgot to take any pictures in the midst of all of that.

5.2.11 - Monday... Maggie and Lillie had dance pictures made. I wasn't able to get a pic of Maggie because her picture was being made while I was doing Lillie's hair. And the next couple photo's are with my phone , so not great quality. This is Lillie and her friend Polly in their costumes.

5.3.11...Tuesday...Allie's turn to have her dance pictures made. This is Allie and a couple of girls from her class -- they are toy soldiers.

5.4.11 - Wednesday....managed not to take any pictures. Had my second {larger} Crazy Love Study. I worked on that most of the day.

5.5.11 - Thursday... I went with some others from church to volunteer at our counties Special Olympics. I loved seeing the 3rd grade class come out to support the two Olympians in their class. They made signs and chanted their names. It was awesome!

5.6.11 - Friday... A friend of ours has a birthday on Monday. So, I went to dinner with a few others to celebrate. It was a wonderful night out. When our food came, I had to take a picture of this plate. Beautiful, isn't it?

5.7.11 - Saturday....Maggie is cheering for Upward Basketball.
This is her doing her thing this morning.
She loves it!

What have you been up to this week?

in HIM-

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