Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Time Keeps on Speeding By! (With 365.15)

Goodness! I can't believe I've only blogged twice in the whole month of April. I sure am hoping that things slow down enough that I can do better from here on out. I've also failed at my Project 365 --getting a picture every day. So, what is it that has been keeping me from blogging? Here it is.....
Sunday - 4.10.11... We had church, immediately followed by a meeting. Then an afternoon at home before hubs went back for another meeting. No pictures....sorry.

Monday - 4.11.11...On Monday, I finished up some Easter bows for my friends store. And did some grocery shopping.

Tuesday - 4.12.11...I had been working on our annual Brunch With the Bunny for what seems like ever -- but on Tuesday we amped it up a notch.

We spent the morning making palm branches...

Wednesday - pictures this day....worked on the brunch some more. And had church stuff that evening.

Thursday - 4.14.11.... It was time to go pick up the "bunny suit".

Since we had to drive to Asheville to get the suit, Kandi and I took advantage of another great downtown eateries. I had some fantastic Jamaican beans and rice. It was yummy and what was even yummier? The corn bread with fresh corn in it. DIVINE!

Friday - 4.15.11..We spent all day working to get ready for the Brunch.

This is Miss O "helping". =)

Saturday - 4.16.11.... Brunch With the Bunny Day.

The event was pretty successful. There are always things that can be improved upon but all in all a great event.

Check out these pics - which I need to say -- I took none of!

This is my Maggie, our friend Erin, and my Lillie.

These are the BEST college girls I know!

They are also the best Nursery workers --ever. EVER!!!

This is Miss Lillie and her sweet friends, Lily, and Tyler.

Tyler was being handsome. I think he pulled it off like a superhero!

My sweet boy! He enjoyed hunting eggs SO much!!!

And so far this week, I've been catching up -- I've also spent some time out in the yard because the weather has been fantastic! I've also been on a field trip to the Nature Center with Lillie. Great fun!

That's what's been keeping me busy.

What's keeping you busy?

in HIM-

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