Saturday, April 9, 2011

365.13 & 365.14

Life's been pretty busy as of late . We've had much going on, including a spring break trip to Georgia.

Here is what we've been up to in the last two weeks.

I have to first admit that I didn't do very well at getting a picture everyday.....Hoping to do better this week!!!.

3.27.11 - pictures this day.

3.28.11 - Monday... Lillie brought home her costume for the dance recital. You'll have to wait to see the rest. =)

3.29.11 - Tuesday... Miss O came and stayed with us for a while. It was such a nice day, we played outside. Bubbles are always fun!

3.30.11 - Wednesday... I got my hair done, had a busy afternoon then it was off to church for the evening. no pictures were taken.

3.31.11 - Thursday... We were invited to a party for some sweet church members. The husband in this family has an infection in his knee and they are headed to a specialist to try and get the infection taken care of. The party was at this gorgeous place! Then I got to go to my bookclub. LOVE it!

4.1.11- Friday....I got a new phone because my blackberry died on Wednesday night. Then the kids and I headed off to GA to visit family.

We met my Dad for supper that night.

The kids and NaNa snuggled up on the couch!

4.2.11 - Saturday... My Mom had a cookout for the kids.

We all had a blast. The kids loved roasting hotdogs and playing with Uncle Seth and Aunt Lauren. They also roasted marshmallows.

I love this shot of Lillie looking at her crispy mallows.

4.3.11 - Sunday... We went to the church where I grew up. I love it there. So comfortable!!!

Then we went and visited my grandparents.

These are my Mom's parents with my kids. Just 4 of their 16 {i think} great grandchildren.

4.4.11 - Monday ... My Mom, my cousin - Natalie, the kids and I shopped all day. No pictures...

4.5.11 - Tuesday... we visited with my grandparents again and had supper with my dad and crew. But before we did any of that, it was bath time!! 3.6.11 - Wednesday... Time to come back home. Once we got here, we saw that the pink dogwood had bloomed while we were away. Beautiful, huh? 3.7.11 -Thursday...Spring Break was over. School resumed. If you look hard, you can see our neighbor across the street mowing his grass. B sat on the steps and watched for a long time.
3.8.11 - Friday... no pictures. But it was a great day! Worked on a lot of church stuff, then went to dinner with my friend, Kandi. Then we met some other friends. Love a day filled with friends!

3.9.11 - Saturday...I've worked on church stuff today {broken record, I know},

took a short walk with the kids to drop Maggie off at a friends house,

played outside, played soccer with the family,

and generally have stayed busy.

This picture was taken right before bedtime.

I was struck by how grownup he looks...

That's what we've been up to.

What have you been doing lately?

in HIM-

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