Tuesday, March 1, 2011

{Too Much} To DO......

to find time to write meaningful blog posts.....{though I do have some things I'm pondering on for later when I do find time}.....

Today I......

* Had a meeting at my house for the "Downtown" VBS we are going to do in our little town this year. I cannot tell you all how excited I am that as of now we have the "down-town" Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, and a Non-Denominational Church planning to do a VBS event together. I fear that sometimes we get too caught up in what makes us different instead of us focusing on what makes us alike. in regard to our different denominations. This event is all about unity in serving the Lord and building HIS kingdom! It is going to be great. We are waiting to hear if the Episcopalians and the Catholics want to join the fun, too! I KNOW it is going to be amazing!!

*did 3 loads of laundry.

* stripped and remade my bed and Brady's bed {the girls do their own - yeay}!

* Had folks working in my bathroom and outside. It's a great thing but added to the business around here. =)

* Made 2 more loaves of Whole Wheat Honey Oat Bread.

* Made homemade lasagna ----and enjoyed said lasagna for supper with some of the above said homemade bread.....YUM-O!!!

* Took Allie to ballet class.

*Took all 4 kids to the hair salon where all 3 girls got hair cuts....trims actually.....Well, and Maggie added bangs. =)

*Came home and got everyone into bed!!! whew!

*Folded laundry and watched NCIS {I *heart* that show}

*And now I'm sitting here thinking of all that I still need to accomplish..... one more load of laundry to fold tonight, an appointment in a town about 30 minutes away in the morning, prepare for bible study {finishing Prodigal God --- it's awesome} tomorrow night, send email to ladies retreat participants about a meeting on Sunday, work on music for said retreat, work on agenda for that meeting, work on some other fun stuff for the retreat {really a lot of stuff} ---did I mention that I am so doggone excited about our retreat -- it's next weekend -- I have 1 spot left if anyone wants to go!!!---other emails that need to be sent about some other church stuff, our new Lenten Small Group Study (WHICH IS GOING TO BE SUPER AWESOME), emails and to do list for Brunch with the Bunny.......

AND that is just what is off the very tip top of my head.....not to mention just general housecleaning and kids and a hubby to take care of.....whew! It makes me tired!

I'm off to bed tonight ( after I go fold that last load of laundry)
Hopefully, I will be back soon to tell you guys about some of the fun stuff I mentioned above that we are doing.

Would you all say a prayer for me ---- for all that I have to get accomplished.....AND would you pray for all these events that I've mentioned above? I would love it if you will pray for us!!!

Talk to ya'll soon!
Hope your Wednesday is relaxing!!!

in Him-


Elaine said...

Wow, Mindy! That is a pretty hefty schedule there! How on earth do you do it??? And care for 4 kids? You make it look so easy!

BTW, I love the community VBS idea! That's so exciting! I can't wait to see what happens with that!

Lisa said...

SO awesome about VBS ... I wish that we could coordinate something like that!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Good to hear from you, Mindy. Sounds as if you're in a busy season; actually I imagine that to always be the case with you. Kids have a way of quickly filling our worlds with much busyness. In addition, ministry life is full of an agenda all its own.

Take good care of one another. May the blessing, favor, and love of God rest upon you and your household as we move into the promises of spring!