Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thoughts In My Head

* I haven't blogged much this week. It's been a busy one. Our Brunch With the Bunny has kept me busy this week. Two meetings and lots of emails/texts asking for people to help. * I had a great lunch today with my friend, Kellie. I love her so much. I've known her since I was 16. She is my mentor in so many ways! She's a preacher's wife like me and she is an incredible mentor as well as model for me. She keeps me grounded, she encourages, she listens. She loves me even when I'm being incredibly unlovable. I am SOOOOOO grateful for her and I am so glad that we were able to meet for lunch. We plan to make these lunches a regular thing. {I love her family that much, too!} *Tonight was my book club. I love my book club. I did not love the book we read so much though. Of Mice and Men, while well written and a great work of fiction, is the saddest thing I have ever read. ever! I love meeting with this diverse group of ladies each month though. We are all so very different, it's a wonderful thing. *Another sweet friend of mine lost her husband yesterday. She is planning her husband's funeral at the age of 32. My heart is so heavy for her. And her family. I cannot imagine what she is going through. *Spring Break starts tomorrow. The kids and I are packing up and heading to Georgia tomorrow. I look forward to seeing my family. I had big plans this week to make homemade bread to take to my mom, my dad, and my grandparents. I've been so busy this week, it didn't happen. *Hopefully, I will be able to blog some while I'm out of town. If not, I will see you all next week!! Won't you please be in prayer for my sweet friend. The funeral is on Saturday and I know she could use the prayers. in HIM- Mindy

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