Sunday, March 13, 2011

Crazy Love 2011

OH. My WORD!!!!
I arrived home this afternoon from what was one of the most incredible
Women's Retreat EVER.
My friend, Kellie, brought a word straight from God and as such we saw the Spirit move in wonderful ways. And, bonus, it was SOOOOOO much fun!

We did some eating....

We drew a picture and laminated it.
Everyone got to take their picture home with them to remember our weekend.

We saw some of God's most wonderful handiwork....
An amazing sunset....

One of the images that Kellie used to describe how big God's Love is for us is a funnel. It is HUGE and always being poured out into a funnel for us to receive if we only will.
This morning we woke to this sky....
See the funnel?
God's love pouring down......
On Thursday night, it snowed up on top of the mountains.
The drive over the mountain Friday was beautiful.

We did a lot of laughing.....
{and crying}.......

We sang some silly songs to God and
we sang some seriously worshipful songs to God.....

We grew stronger relationships.....

We enjoyed some SWEET goody bags.

And had a weekend that I will not soon forget....

It was so much fun.
It was a Spirit- filled, redefining, life-changing weekend.
I can't wait to tell you more about it,
but for now -- this is it.
One other thing that happened this weekend was
very little sleep.
I'm exhausted and have literally fallen asleep
a few times while writing this post.
SO, I'm off to bed.
***with my heart FULL of the reminder
that God is Crazy in Love with me.
And because of that Crazy love for me,
I can have Crazy Faith,
Crazy Love for the Saints,
and Crazy Hope for the Future!!!***
Thank you, Jesus!!!
in HIM-

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