Sunday, March 6, 2011


A picture a day for a year....
SO, Our past week ---- mostly in pictures......

Sunday --2.27.11....Sundays are rarely slow around here but last week was a little slower because Lillie was running a fever. Which meant these three didn't have to get up and ready so fast. They had fun reading in Brady's bed in their pj's! Monday 2.28.11.... On Monday, my friend, Kandi and I went to Asheville to make a Target run. While there we took advantage of some other great shops and some incredible food.

We ate at Kubo's Japanese. I had sushi!!! YUM!!

We also decided to have dessert.

We went to the French Broad Chocolate Lounge.

Here are our desserts.

Mine was a French Macaroon and hers was some kind of delectable brownie.

Tuesday 3.1.11 ....We are having our front walk redone because the tile that was there was really slippery and it was starting to break apart. The guys came on Tuesday to start the work.

They were fascinating apparently....

Wednesday - 3.2.11.....I got this new perfume. I love it!!!

Thursday - 3.3.11.... This sweet boy brought me flowers from our yard.....
love this picture!

Friday - 3.4.11...... Family Night. We were watching America's Funniest Home Video's and The Cosby Show. That is after we played Hide And Go Seek in the house.
Such fun!

Saturday - 3.5.11... DATE NIGHT!!
Hubs and I went on a triple date with these sweet friends. I forced them to let our sweet babysitter take a group picture after we returned home. They were good sports though. =)
We ate at an amazing little restaurant called The Chef's Table in a nearby town.
Delicious food and good friends.....what a great night!!!

That was our week....tell me about yours!!
I am hoping to get back here and join in Sunday Letters tonight, but since I am going to get groceries later, I'm not positive it will happen. I meant to get this up last night but my internet was down when we returned from supper. SO - I seem to be a day behind.
in HIM--

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Wendy said...

We watched Megamind for Family Night. Great kid movie! Don't think my kids have seen The Cosby Show. I'm sure they would think it's from the early 1900's. haha.