Saturday, March 26, 2011


This past week has been a pretty "normal" week for us. Luckily, it was a week with no meetings. So, pretty slow for us. Here's how our week went....
3.20.11 -Sunday... After church, we had a pretty quiet afternoon.
It was a very nice day, we the kids played outside a lot. I had an early evening meeting. As I was coming home, "our" cat -- whose really the church cat-- Oliver, was sitting in the front yard. Since my children claim him as our own, we needed to picture of him.
I think he is a beautiful cat. 3.21.11 - Monday... Another beautiful day. So beautiful in fact that we
did homework outside.
This pretty pink tree is in our yard. I have no idea what kind it is.
Someone suggested maybe a "Weeping Cherry".

3.22.11 - Tuesday....Another gorgeous day. Brady and I met Miss O and her Mom at
the park for a picnic and playing.
We also played in the field of daffodils.
This is one of my favorites from the day.
These two are so sweet together.

3.23.11 - Wednesday... The only picture I got on Wednesday was with my phone.
Sorry for the quality.
It's a pretty flower from our front yard, though.
It's a daffodil with an orange center.
LOVE it.

3.24.11 - Thursday... Hubs had to drive up the mountain to visit a church
member in the hospital.
Brady and I tagged along. While he went to the hospital, we walked around
in the little downtown area.
We ate lunch at a great little restaurant.
Brady had a cheese quesadilla.
The afternoon was great.....until we headed back down the mountain
and his car-sickness kicked
Oh, and the weather turned back to winter on Thursday, too.

3.25.11 - Friday.... On Friday, I checked Lillie out of school
after lunch for her special weekend at Nana's house.
We met halfway between our house and theirs (we live about
three hours apart). This is right before they went on their way.
Lillie was so excited to get to go to Nana's all by herself!

3.26.11 - Saturday... Today was a rainy,cold day in the mountains of NC.
We pretty much stayed in.
Allie was invited for a, there were only two
kiddo's still home.
These two had a great time watching Little House On The Prairie
tonight. They are now having a sleepover in Brady's room. =)

This is what our week held.
What did you do this week?
in HIM-


Sherrie said...

Sounds like the PERFECT week!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

Hi Mindy! We do have a lot in common. My husband loves the Belmont area, but I just don't think I could leave Charlotte, especially with both my parents and in-laws living here. I have a sister that lives in Asheville, and loves it. The mountains of NC are gorgeous!!

My husband and I grew up baptist, but now we are presbyterian, as of last year. We love it there. Their Ash Wednesday service is the best service. I always get so much out of it! My parents, and my husband's parents, were a little bothered that we left their church, but all in all, they're just thankful we're going to a church. :)

Thanks for stopping by!