Saturday, March 19, 2011


It's been a pretty calm week for me. I am in between bible studies right now so that helps some what. I do miss it, though I love digging into God's Word and learning more about things. I can't wait to start the next one. Here's some snippets of our week in {mostly} photos.

3.13.11 -Sunday. We finished up our retreat in worship together.
On the way home, these three ladies and I stopped at a waterfall and took a few pictures.
I love these three girls!!!

3.14.11 - Monday. Monday was a very normal Monday. Full of
Around 4PM the doorbell rang and these arrived for me.
I LOVE flowers. They made my day!!
A sweet lady from church sent me these. So kind!
And aren't they gorgeous?!!?

3.15.11 - Tuesday. Another run of the mill Tuesday. More laundry and some cleaning.
Allie has dance on Tuesday evenings. I took this picture as she was eating her spaghetti
when she got home.
We might need to work on our table manners.....=)

3.16.11 - Wednesday. Wednesdays are always great days.
I usually do lunch with friends on Wednesdays and we have church on
Wednesday nights. I helped in the Nursery this week.
These two cuties had the best time!!!
Jenny, one of our awesome Nursery Staff, was throwing a blanket over them and
pulling it off. They thought it was the best.

3.17.11 - Thursday. Happy St. Patty's Day!!!!

The girls wore the pillowcase dresses from last year with jeans.

I did have to get Brady a new shirt.

This is before he got mustard on it at supper time. {UGGGGHHHH}

3.18.11 - Friday. On Friday, I went to Asheville

on a Target Run with my friend Kandi. We use these trips as an excuse to eat

at all the fantastic little bistros/eateries downtown.

On Friday we ate at a place called Bistro 1896 and there was a street band.


3.19.11 -Saturday. Today we had a wedding to attend.
It was a beautiful wedding.
Maggie, our friend - Polly, and Lillie had a blast dancing!!

It's been a pretty great week, and low-key week around here.

I hope yours was, too!

in HIM--

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Wendy said...

Love the pillowcase dresses! Homemade? My kids wore green from head to toe. They were afraid of getting pinched by each other. LOL! Next time Tad and I go to Ashville I'll have to call you about a good place to eat!