Monday, March 14, 2011


I usually do this on Saturday evenings, but this is the late edition of the 365 Project.
3.6.11- Sunday..... the last night of my Prodigal God Study.
A very busy pictures were taken. oops!
3.7.11 - Monday.... Appalachian played on TV Monday afternoon.
Allie dressed the part and cheered on her team.
"Go Apps!"
"It's great to be a Mountaineer"!!
3.8.11-Tuesday...hubs, Brady and I went with our friends to eat lunch
at a Cajun Restaurant for Mardi Gras. The food was delicious
and these two....precious!!

3.9.11 - Wednesday... Ash Wednesday. We, of course,
had church services. It was raining and yucky out.
That called for every one's rain gear!!

3.10.11 - Thursday...I spent all day getting ready for our
Crazy Love Retreat. I baked, I planned, I packed, I made lists,
I put together gift bags....
These were the water bottles that went in the gift bags...

3.11.11- Friday... We headed out for our retreat at about noon on Friday.
We drove over the mountain to get to our destination.
It had snowed overnight. GORGEOUS!!!

This is another picture from Friday.
I didn't take it
but I love it and just wanted to share it!!!

3.12.11 - Saturday... The Group of us
at the Crazy Love Retreat....
{I didn't take this picture either}

It was a great, busy week and incredible weekend. Hope yours was, too!!!!

in HIM-

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Kathleen said...

Love, love, LOVE the sweet little bench shot, the raincoated kids, and the snowy tree!