Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love As A Verb - Day 1

My sweet friend, Deidre, came up with this amazing idea to really LOVE in for all 28 days of this luv month. To post about things you love each day or to post ways that you are loving others.

Personally, I loved the idea.

God has been working on me for months now about getting back to the basics of what HE is calling each one of us to do in this world. He is calling all of us to be about The Great Commission (go and make disciples) and The Great Commandment (love your neighbor).

I am overjoyed that *I* personally will be joining in making love a very for this month. But, I'm even more excited that my family will be joining in a lot as we go through the month.

One of the things I've also decided to do is to add devotion times that are all about God's love for the whole month. I want my kids to really know they know that they know! That God's love for them is a verb and that loving as a verb is what he wants us to do for one another.
{And with all the fussing and fighting we've had around here, we need to remember what love really is! So, this is perfect timing!} I will be searching (googling, etc) for devo's we can do this month so if you have any that you know of that are specifically about God's love for us, let me know!!!

On this first day of February, I made the one meal that my entire family loves and will eat without complaint.

Yep! Chicken and Rice.

Seems like a small and inconsequential thing, but it shows that I love them!

AND.....I had a haircut appointment tonight {something I love!}. So, afterwards, I went to Sonic and got my hubby an Oreo Sonic Blast. They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I think it worked for me today! =)

YOU should join us in the challenge this month. TO be loving and to feel like serving others for a whole 28 days is not easy task! Are you up for the challenge? It's gonna be hard -- but I'm going to do it -- with God's help -- I AM going to do it!

Join us won't you? Go on over to Deidre's blog and grab her button!

in HIM-


Deidre said...

Yum! Chicken and rice. No, it's not a simple thing. I plan to do this too. To make some of my family's favorites - things I don't have to force them to eat :)

Ugh! I want a Sonic!

Casondra said...

I wish our town's Sonic hadn't closed down.

Hair appts are the best!