Saturday, February 26, 2011


2.20.11 - Sunday.... This was in between meetings at church.
Brady and Daddy watching the race.
2.21.11 - Monday... incredibly beautiful day.
We spent the afternoon was warm. Sunny.
And look! Signs of spring!!!

2.22.11 - Tuesday...I made bread for the first time
ever in my whole life. It was delicious!!!

2.23.11 - Wednesday... Lillie's class is studying Dr. Suess.
So it was "Wacky Wednesday"....Lillie was to come dressed wacky.
She had 4 ponytails, a pink and brown striped turtleneck, and a big green skirt.
2.24.11 - Thursday...Busy, busy day. I spent all day cleaning
and getting ready for my bookclub meeting.
So, the only pic. I got was with my cell phone.
Not very good quality....but I love it--
Brady helping Daddy "woik".

2.25.11 - Friday.... We were invited to attend the

Cub Scouts "Blue and Gold" Banquet.

And though, Brady was super cranky and he I came home early.

It was great. The girls LOVED the magician they had!

2.26.11 - Saturday...Today was also a beautiful day.
I could get used to these kind of days!!
The kids drug out their chairs and sat in the front yard.
SO funny....

It's been a great week!! Looking forward to the one to come!!
in HIM-

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