Monday, February 21, 2011

365.7 {sort of}, Valentine's Day, Our Week AND LOVE as a Verb -day 21

Last week was one crazy busy week and I failed at getting pictures every day. I am ashamed to admit it....HOWEVER, here are the pictures that I did manage to get and some extras.

2.13.11 -Sunday.....crazy busy day. We had church, then lunch, drop 3 of 4 kids off with some wonderful church members, then Allie and I headed to a funeral, and then back to church for bible study. No time in between to take pictures and when I got home at 8:45 PM...I was ready to drop!

2.14.11 - Monday ..... Valentine's Day started for us with Lillie and Brady going to the dr. for check ups. I got this shot as we were stopped at a stoplight on the way.
I think it is so sweet.

Here are the kids Valentine's Day gifts all lined up when they got home from school
and up from naps, as the case may be....

If you remember, Maggie came home sick from school on Monday, so
while she opened her gift {and did like it} she was less than happy due to how she felt.
Poor girl!!

Miss Lillie.....
All three girls got the same gift.
A sweater and a hat for their American Girl Dolls.

Miss Allie reading her card.

Brady got 2 smaller gifts.
A stuffed "Coo-key Monsta" --his fav!
And a Calliou movie -- also his fav!!

2.15.11 - Tuesday... My sick girl.....
strep throat -- or shark throat as she told a lady at church--
is NO fun!

2.16.11 - Wednesday ... no pictures....

2.17.11 - Thursday... Maggie was still home with strep due to the
"No fever for 24 hours" policy but she was feeling much better on by Thursday.
This is how I found she and Brady at one point during the day.

2.17.11 - Friday... Daddy and Brady "sleeping" together.
Also, on Friday, my friend, Kandi and I drove to Greensboro to pick up the
furniture that we bought off of Craigslist for Brady's big boy bedroom.
We made many a stop a long the way -- did some shopping and then we went to a
Jack Russel Rescue Center and Kandi got a sweet new puppy named Lennox.
She is PRECIOUS. I wish I had remembered to take her picture!

2.18.11 - Saturday... We got the big boy bed put together.
He loves his new choo choo bed!

On Saturday, we also had company!
Grammy came to see us for an overnight stay.

As did Uncle Tim!

And Aunt Ginger!!!

We had a great afternoon and evening with them!
This is a picture of all of them with the kiddo's before church yesterday.

Also, I just have to tell y'all what my husband did today! Maggie has been begging her dad to take her bike riding on a Daddy/Daughter Date for months. It's either been too cold or we have had too much going on. Today was perfect weather! SO, he took the afternoon off and surprised Miss Maggie by picking her up from school early with bikes in tow and off the went! They rode bikes for a while and played on the playground. AND, then they went for ice cream.
What a wonderful way to really LOVE on Maggie!!!! {Now, he just has to figure out dates for the other three} =)...
in HIM-


He & Me + 3 said...

What a sweet husband you have. I'll bet Maggie was so excited! Love the valentines day cute. Hope The family stays healthy this week.

Ginger said...

Thanks for including us. :) It was great to see you all! Love you!

Deidre said...

I love that he picked her up at school - what a sweet surprise. Hope everyone is feeling well at your house :)v