Saturday, February 5, 2011

365.5 + Love As A Verb - Day 5

1.30.11 - Sunday's are always really busy around here. Last week was no exception. AM services, lunch meeting at church....home for a *small* rest and then back to church for new Prodigal God Study (me), another meeting (hubs), and childcare (kiddo's) So, I didn't get many pictures on Sunday.
This is a sweet pic. of Lillie while we were getting ready for bed that night.

1.31.11- Maggie had to turn in her animal project. Her animal of choice was a parrot. She and hubby worked hard on making her parrot who was named Polly. We took this before we left for school on Monday.

2.1.11- This was the first day of "love month".
I wrote about it here. One of the things I did that night as bring a
Sonic Blast home for hubby.

2.2.11 - My bookclub books arrived!!!!

2.3.11 - Thursday......I had a pretty stressed out day.The sweetest part of my day was bedtime with Brady.

Isn't he handsome all ready for bed?

2.4.11 - On Friday, I spent the afternoon decorating for the Father/Daughter Dance.

I really liked the centerpieces I did.
These are little vases filled with conversation hearts
and balloons coming up from the middle.
They looked adorable --even if I do say so myself.

2.5.11 -Today has been an incredibly low-key day.
We've spent all day around the house
(except for K, whose been to church to work)
I got this shot of Brady helping him fix a drawer today.
It's so sweet to watch Brady "hep wookeen"


Today, loving as a very was in the form of choosing whether I would be selfish or if I would be selfless. Usually, by the time the kids go to bed, I are ready for some time to myself.....and usually I have about a million more things to do before I got to to bed. Because of this, I don't have much patience with kids who get up over and over again for whatever reason. Tonight, it was Allie. She was scared. I told her to listen to the music, think good thought and pray. I kissed her goodnight and walked downstairs. Not ten minutes later, she was downstairs saying she heard a dog scratching the floor upstairs. I sent her back to her room, reminding her that she should pray and think about good things and listen to the music.

As soon as I she started back up the stairs though, I heard God say "Love as a are being selfish....serve her. love her. be selfless!"

So, I went upstairs and laid with her, prayed with and for her, and hopefully made her feel safe and secure and loved.
Being self -less instead of self - ish......That's truly loving!!!

in HIM-


Kris Moore said...

love this. glad you got that special time with her tonight...

Deidre said...

I do the same thing when my girls say they've heard something and won't go to sleep. I know it's a stall tactic, but I've come to realize sometimes they just want us near.

On a different note, Brady is getting so big! He is precious.

Ginger said...

I love that you prayed with Allie! I know it made her feel safe & loved by you! Love you!