Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thoughts in my Head

*Things have been crazy busy for me and it doesn't look like things are going to slow down anytime soon.

*I need to go buy some mascara. Mine is beginning to dry up. I am a mascara snob. I have very short and not so thick eyelashes. SO, I need mascara that can work miracles. My new friend over at The Preppy Princess suggests Maybelline's Colossal. Think I am going to pick some up in the morning when I pick up the milk. AND if it makes my lashes look like the girl in the add....I will be overjoyed!

*Yesterday, I went to buy a few groceries, I bought milk. It was raining. When I picked up the bag of milk, it slipped out of my hands, hitting the ground and busting. Milk went everywhere. Thus, tomorrow, first thing in the morning even, I have to go buy some milk.

*Women's Retreat ----March 11-13. Gatlinburg! Have space for 27 ladies to go.....had my very first person pay today to reserve her spot. She is a college student. I love that a college student is the first to confirm her spot by paying. AND I love that she isn't intimidated by the fact that most everyone else will be 15-20+ years older than her.

*Anxious to get more ladies signed up for this event. It's going to be awesome!!!!

*I can't believe that I left my wallet at the restaurant today at lunch. Ever so grateful that I eat lunch there almost every Wednesday and they put my wallet in the safe!

*New Bible study beginning in a couple of weeks on this book. Looking forward to it but have so much to do to prepare.

*The kids got some precious raincoats and rainboots for Christmas. Allie's coat was missing some of the snaps to attach her hood. I have to call their customer service back tomorrow.

*And about tomorrow, I have got to make a grocery list, and do some house cleaning. I have a supper meeting and then book club. Then to get groceries.....whew!

*'s time to make valentine's bows....gotta get it done asap!

*Brunch with the Bunny.....time to get started.....who will help? WHO WILL SERVE?

*Blessed Be The Name clothing line. A.DOR.A.BLE!! Plus, they are a Christian business! Awesome!

*Laundry.....I still have laundry to do.

*I kind of like the new American Idol.....Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez with Randy. Kind of like it! Also, I love J Lo's makeup.....very sparkly. very pretty. I want eye shadow like that.....but am I too old for that?

*Pinkalicious (the Musical) this weekend. Maggie is in it -she's Nurse Faith. I need a pale pink scarf for her to wear. Anyone? Anyone?

*Celebrating Lillie's birthday with family this weekend. Need to take her to order a birthday cake. Also, family coming means I have to get around to cleaning the downstairs!

*Thank you notes.....have to do the thank you notes!

*LOVED watching my Allie with a friend's baby this afternoon. She was so motherly and SO sweet!~

*I love hearing Brady say "I wuz yu" every night when he goes to bed. Melts my heart.

All this thinking is making me tired (and also a little hungry). Goodnight!



Devin said...

Oh, girl.

Let me just say, I feel you on this list of a million things to do. I am stopping right now and praying for you, that you are able to accomplish most of these items. Remember--we, as Moms, are NEVER able to do it ALL!

And, when you find out how to get that girl to clean her room....let me know. *sigh*

Sherrie said...

Wow! I am overwhelmed for you. You have a ton of things on your mind and to do. I hope you can get some help with some of it. Hang in there! You are amazing!

Wendy said...

What is Brunch with the Bunny? Have to do with Easter? Sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

I noticed it was only recently that you decide to reveal the names of your kids? Why did you suddenly want to do so?

Mindy said...

Anonymous --
It wasn't for any big reason. I just got tired of calling them by letters. Also, the real purpose of this blog is for them. I hope to make the blog into books one day as a scrapbook for my kids.