Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Letters

I've always wanted to be one of those Mom's who writes to their children. And I do have writing journals with my girls, but I'm sad to say that the writing that is done in that is very sporadic at best. I mean to write and have them write more often, but things happen.

Well, my friend, Deidre, writes letters each week to her family on her blog. I've been reading them for months now and I have to say that I've been inspired to give it a shot.

I am very leery of doing it, though.

Deidre has such great insight into her children and obviously pays much better attention to things than I do. Sometimes, I don't remember what happened yesterday much less all week long. And Deidre puts her letters together in such a nice, neat way. I KNOW mine won't be that way. Unfortunately, they might not even be more than two sentences long....

But she has inspired me nonetheless. So here goes.

Dear Allie,

This week you finished your third (or was it the fourth) book that you got for Christmas.

I love it that you love to read so much! You really want to read The Harry Potter books, but I'm a bit leery of it. I've read them all, and I am fine with you reading them. One day. I've promised that we can read them together. I like it much better that way. It means that we can discuss what we read and I can know for sure that you understand that they are just stories. I promise that we can do that. One day.

I also loved watching you with Juliet, when we went to Knoxville to eat with them this week. When the two of you found out that you were the same age, you became fast friends. I am so happy that you made a new friend who is family. Those are the best kinds!

I love you Allie!



Dear Maggie,

This week, you went to school like this....

You had on your new sequined camouflage shirt, your "mood" necklace, boots, and Yep! Sporting a very Michael Jacksonesque glove. When I asked why you were only wearing one glove, you said "Fashion!". OH, Right. Should've known. The other thing I asked was why you were wearing your sister's black glove instead of your purple one. You said "Black is more fashioner than purple." Again, should've known.

My only hope is that you are figuring out what YOU like as "fashion" instead of following what everyone else says is fashion. I was a follower when I was a kid and there are so many things about being a follower that aren't good. And I don't want you to have to endure those things. I'm great with you liking "fashion" as long as it's your own fashion!

Also, this week. You lost another tooth. You woke up Saturday morning very disappointed because the tooth fairy had not come. Luckily, the tooth fairy came while you ate breakfast. One day, you are going to learn all about the tooth fairy and you are going to learn that your dad and I, we are the absolute WORST tooth fairies ever! And I'm sorry about that!

Love you!



Dear Lillie,

We had a rough few days in this week, didn't we? Why in the world won't you just clean up your room instead of taking three days to do it? I wonder when you will learn that it would be best just to go ahead and do it (the right way) instead of wasting so much time that you end up having to get a spanking for being disobedient. It's a hard lesson, but it's best if you just go ahead and clean your room. It has to be done.

This morning before church, you came running in the bathroom to tell me you had a surprise for me and you were going to lay it on my pillow. You gave me a little square that you made out of pixOs at a friends house. You said you gave it to me so that I can put my rings in it when I take them off. Such a sweetie!

I love you!



Dear Brady,

I love watching you grow and learn! Early this week, I needed to go over to Miss Kandi's house for a meeting so I asked you if you wanted to go play with Olivia. You said "It be fun, Mommy!" And since then, you've used that phrase four or five times this week.

I do wish you would learn to sleep, though, Son. You have an affinity for sleeping with me and if (WHEN) you wake up at night, you must be in my bed to go back to sleep. I've been trying to break you of it. It hasn't worked yet. Hopefully when we get that big boy bed ---- the "tain" bed as you say. I sure hope that if we find you some train bedding for your big bed, you will find it more appealing than my bed.

I love you, Baby Boy!



Dear Ken,

Thank you for not balking and telling me I was crazy when I asked if we could drive 4 hours (round trip - on a school night) to have supper with my cousins. It was a real blessing for me and an incredibly sweet thing to do!

And thank you for bearing with me this week when I've repeatedly told you that my head hurt and my body ached. I despise being sick and I appreciate the sympathy. Even if it was just a cold. ;)



wow. I did it. Now, hopefully I can keep it up! We will see!!!

in HIM-


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