Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Letters- january 16, 2011

Wow, what a day. I'm happy to say that I am sitting here in my pj's, in my bed watching the golden globes. FINALLY!! I'm rather tired but am happy to have a few minutes to think about our week around here and write to my sweet family.

Dear Allie,

You are your Daddy's child. You are so like him in temperament and personality. You've always been the least likely of my children to chatter and talk and tell me things. I am very happy that lately, you've been talking to me more. It makes this Mama very,very happy in my heart. You are 9 now, and very soon life is going to become different for you. There are so many changes that will happen in the next few years. I so hope that this new trend of talking more continues into the years to come. I long to be able to see you through all that is coming. Keep talking, sweetie!

We went shopping on Friday night and while shopping in Claire's, you informed me that you were buying your sister's some earrings, too. Because you had enough money to get everyone some earrings. What an amazing thing to do for your sister's. You really showed how thoughtful you are! What a sweet way to love on your sisters! They are so lucky to have you as their big sister.

love, Mom


Dear Maggie,

No one was happier to go back to school on Friday than you were. You said on Thursday night that you didn't want to go back, but you really did. You are such a social butterfly, Maggie. You decided this week that you are going to have your very own book club. And you asked you Daddy to build you a treehouse. You informed me that the treehouse is for the bookclub to meet in!
I definitely learned one thing while we were shopping on Friday about you. I hope you get a job when you are 14, because as many clothes as you want to buy-- you are going to need it. Because, honey - your dad and I, we can't afford you. We were in Justice, and you told me "I'm shopping for the Father/Daughter Dance." Really? Shopping for a dress for a dance in the 2nd grade? I fear the years to come. You spent your money on a skirt and shirt at Old Navy. The shirt said "Shop til you Drop". Nothing was ever more fitting.

love, Mom


Dear Lillie,

On Wednesday, you turned 6!!! You have been waiting to be 6 for at least 3 years! Because, in our family, being 6 means you can get your ears pierced! And so on Friday night, we did just that. We went to the mall and did a little shopping and went to Claire's to get your ears pierced.

As soon as we got out of the car, you said, "Mom, I want you to hold my hand." You were so nervous. I think you were nervous because you remember watching your sisters do it before you. But, you climbed into that chair and I stood in front of you and held your hand. The girls that were doing the ear piercing counted to three didn't even flinch! You did amazing! And you are super proud of your new blue earrings! And I'm so proud of you for being so brave!

love, Mom


Dear Brady,

You are definitely 2. You keep me running, you wear me out ---and you melt my heart!
On Friday when you got home from preschool, I asked you what you did this week. You said "I gib O-i-ia a kees" (I give Olivia a kiss!). You really do love Olivia. Today, we arrived in the Nursery to drop you off and this time, Olivia came running over to give you a kiss. The two of you are so sweet. Kissing is 2. But in about 5 years - it's not gonna be so fine anymore....(with me or O's Mama!)

I also asked you this week, if you were Mama's Sweet Boy? You very quickly said "No, I Daddy's seet boy!". And you are. You love your Daddy so much and really I love that you love him so much!

I love you, Sweet Boy!



Dear Ken,

I know that I've been an emotional basketcase this week. Thank you for putting up with me.

Thank you for helping me through it!

I love you!



And now, since I've had this sweet look back at the week with my family. I'm gonna do a bit of reading, watch the Golden Globes and head off to bed! Goodnight!

in HIM--