Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lillie is 6

This incredible little girl turned 6 today. It was a pretty quiet day. We took her to lunch at her favorite restaurant, Ryan's (yuck!). And then she got to go home with her friend for a playdate this afternoon. It was a perfect afternoon for her!! We have plans to do cake and ice cream with the family in a couple of Saturday's when the grand parents are coming to town.
Dear Lillie,
You didn't have to go to school on this, your sixth birthday.
It snowed this past Sunday night and we got 10 inches of it.
We have not had school all week long. What a lucky girl
to have a bunch of snow days for your birthday!

You have blossomed in Kindergarted this year Lillie! Really, you were reading at the end of preschool last year. But, you have taken off this year! Having watched both of your sisters go to school the past two years and learn so much, you were SOOOO excited about going to school. I love that you love school so much and you love your teachers even more!

I love that you love your sisters so much and look up them, too.

Even though the baby talking you do to your brother can kind of drive me nuts, I love that you have such a sweetness with him.

You can be the sweetest girl there ever was....and then sometimes, you can be the most tempermental. We are working on learning to have self control and I know that you will get it!

Lillie, this morning, you came and crawled in bed with your Dad and I and for just a few minutes we had some special time alone with our sweet 6 year old girl!

I look forward to Saturday. Because that's the day that you and I are going to go and get your ears pierced!

We love you, Lillie!!!!

Happy Sixth Birthday!!!!

in HIM-

ps - blogger won't let me spell hopefully, I didn't misspell anything.....

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Deidre said...

Haha - Ryan's. Don't you love how they choose the 'classiest' places? Emma would choose J&S Cafeteria - yuck!

Happy Birthday, Lillie!