Tuesday, January 11, 2011

{Late} Resolutions......

Well, I went back and looked at the Resolutions I made last year, I realized that they are pretty much the same goals I have for this year. Sad, I know.......

I guess I can just stick with the same ones as list year since I didn't make as much progress on them as I would like.

So, here are my resolutions, maybe a better word is GOALS, for this year.

1) Organization - I am a pretty organized person by nature. I love my lists. I love making them. I love marking things off of them. I do pretty well keeping organized in most areas of my life. However, getting house work done in an orderly fashion has gone by the wayside since adding kid #4.......or maybe even since I got pregnant with kid #4 and moved...whichever.
SO, {just as I said last year} I am putting forth extra effort to get it back into an orderly fashion. It isn't that they work doesn't get done when needed....most of it does. BUT, I like to be ahead of the game and I don't like feeling behind. And I've felt behind now for years. SO, I am gonna just do it. It will make me feel better mentally, emotionally and possibly even physically to get my process in order. It will take me a day or so to get it all figured out -- the schedule -- but if I just do it, I will be a better me. Yep. That's pretty much the same goal as last year.

2) Health -- Last year I said I wanted to get healthier mentally, emotionally and physically. Well, I think that I have made a little bit of progress on this one. My anxiety has improved, but I am far from being free of it. I am happy with the progress I've made and hopefully will continue to make.
Mentally, I've tried to make progress. I joined a book club and have read more. Spent quite a long time reading Les Miserables -- that was a mental work out on it's own.
Physically, not so much. Instead of taking care of myself better last year, things were just status quo ---. It's possible that there was even some backsliding in this area. SO, this year - I am NOT going to claim that I will exercise 5 days out of 7. I'm just going to keep it real. SOME days -- it's all I can do to walk myself to the couch and lay down when the kids get it bed, I'm that exhausted. BUT - I do want to lose about 10 lbs. SO, I'm going to exercise and control my portions (I really like to eat too much) to do that.
One of my goals last year was to institute Meatless Mondays, I have been able to do that with SOME success. My family isn't really into it. Well, hubs isn't into it. I have VERY PICKY eaters in this house so finding vegetarian meals that they will eat is incredibly hard. Suggestions, of course, are very welcome!!!

3)Family - Kids. Last year, I said that hubs and I were going to contribute to the spiritual growth of our children. I think that we have been somewhat successful in doing this. Allie did make the decision to follow Jesus this year {even if it was during Advent}. We talk a lot about God and Jesus in our house. But this year, my goal is to be more intentional. We got each of our kids a new devotion book for Christmas. The girls all got the same one, so Ken or I do their devotions with them each night. Really, Allie and Maggie could do it by themselves but Lillie still needs some help so we just do it all together. We also got Brady one by the same company. It has been so sweet to see his excitement and watch him run to get his "botion" book at night. SO SWEET!
This year, I also want to to be more intentional about just relating to each one of my kids. TO really see and understand and talk to them each day. I feel like most evenings I'm the drill sergeant and I really don't like that. I want to figure out how to slow things down and really BE in each moment of my day. Enjoying and savoring each moment I have with my kids. This is hard for me because I always have something else to do. But, it's very important to me.

4) Family - Ken - I am setting a different goal for myself with my husband this year. I want to be the wife that GOD is calling me to be. To treat him as God would have me treat him. TO love him as God wants me to love him. To BE in each moment with him and enjoy our life together ---- instead of complaining about things too much!

5) God - Last year, I bought a One-Year Bible and intended on reading it in one year. I failed to do it. I am about a month behind and WILL finish in pretty soon. I am going to be quite proud when I am done that I have read the whole bible. And, while I feel that reading the bible in it's entirety is important, it obviously wasn't deep study of God's Word. SO, after I finish reading the whole bible, I plan to begin reading my new Chronological Bible. But, I plan to do it slowly. Reading a passage and then studying deeper the things that God is showing me and drawing to my attention. It might take years.....but I know it will be beneficial!

I guess all of these resolutions lead me up to the word intentional. This year I want to be more intentional. One of my prayers everyday is that God will make me the wife, the mother, the person He wants me to be. This year, I will be intentional about listening and hearing and doing those things.

in HIM-

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Wendy said...

I have been years behind on my house work as well. It's amazing how much I've accomplished this week since Tad has been home due to the snow. If only he could be here all the time. :)