Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Last of Christmas

I am finally getting around to posting after being out of town last week. OH, that doesn't mean that I'm caught up on all that needs to be done, just that I decided to blog instead of doing those other things.....
We were able to travel to Georgia to visit my family and do Christmas there on the 28th of December. We had to take the long way to get there and still there was much snow and ice still on the roads but after 6 hours we made it....We had loads of fun while there!
We got to open gifts at Grammy's house....
Allie was very excited!

Lillie was excited about the book she received since she is a reader now!

We opened gifts that my grandmother had made for my kids....

She crocheted each of my kids an afghan!
We love them!

We had a belated birthday party for Jesus.
We had intended to do this when we arrived on Christmas Evening.
but late is better than never, I guess.
And seriously, isn't this the most adorable cake
for Jesus?

B loved singing Happy Birthday to Jesus!

Enjoying the cake!

The next day, the girls did this....

A tea party!
Complete with chocolate goodies and place cards!

Maggie, pouring the "tea"
B didn't like the mint chocolate Hersey kiss...

The girls also did a "play" for us.
Which, apparently, involved fighting....

We went shopping to spend our Christmas money.
Justice was happy to see us!
We went to a High School basketball game and cheered on
my Alma mater!
We went to see the new Narnia movie in 3D.
Great Movie. According to me, anyways.
The girls were a bit scared of parts of it.
We also opened presents at Nana's house!
The ensuing chaos.

Papa helping B get his truck out of the packaging.

We had a great time in Georgia! The girls spent the night with Nana for New Year's Eve and the rest of us fell asleep on the couch at Grammy's house.
Christmas 2010 is definitely one that we will always remember.


Becca said...

Love the pictures - those blankets she made are beautiful!!!

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