Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Letters

Dear Allie,

This week we had some sweet little friends from our church come stay with us one afternoon. You were so sweet with Lillie Lillian. You followed her as she toddled around the house, playing with her and talking to her. You would pick her up when she tried to climb the stairs and bring her back to the living room. You did that again and again and again. One year olds have BIG love for stairs and you were oh so patient bringing her back repeatedly. I loved watching your motherly side come out. You get so frustrated with your sisters and brother that I don't get to see that side of you as much. It was so sweet to see. I love you and I love your mothering side!!!

Love, Mom


Dear Maggie,

This has been the busiest week hasn't it? Last night and today was your "show" as you called it. Pinkalicious - The Musical. You were Nurse Faith. I was so proud watching you up there wearing all pink for the first few numbers and then again in your nurse costume. You were so cute and it was obvious you were loving every minute of it by the HUGE smile on your face.
I am SO tired as I sit here tonight writing this letter to you. But, I would do it over and over and over again for that sweet smile I saw up there!!! You are a great actress, Maggie, and I hope that you continue to follow your passions all of your life!

Love, Mom


Dear Lillie,

What a big weekend you've had! We celebrated your birthday (again) yesterday. You picked an adorable Strawberry Shortcake Cake . We invited your friend Lily over to celebrate and have cake with the two sets of grandparents who were able to come. We had cake and went for pizza and then to see Pinkalicious all together. You had a great time with your friend Lily and reveled in being the center of attention!

I love you sweet baby girl and I'm so glad that you had such a great birthday!!!

love, Mom


Dear Brady,

This week you have been making more messes than I can count! You dumped baking soda all over then kitchen floor on Wednesday. On Thursday, you found a box of lemon pudding mix that I had set out on the counter. You opened it and you dumped it, too, all over the kitchen floor. And that is just two of the messes you made this week.
Goodness. You wear me out, little boy! But in a good way!!!

Love, Mommy


Dear Ken,

I'm exhausted! I think it is time for another cruise! {OR just an nice night out with just you would be great!} OR another cruise........;)

I love you!



in HIM-

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Deidre said...

I love the cruise idea! ;)
I enjoyed reading this, Mindy. What a great way to affirm your family. I'm glad the play went well. I just melt when I see my kids doing something they enjoy and are good at.

Have a great week!