Saturday, January 29, 2011


A picture a day for a year.....week #4.

1.23.11 - Sunday was Maggie's last Pinkalicious Show.

Papa and NaNa surprised the kids and drove over for the show.

We saw the show and then had supper before they had to head off again.

1.24.11 - Monday......was a "snow day"

due to the dusting of snow we got overnight on Sunday.

We took a walk to drop Maggie off at a friends house for a

playdate. I got this shot not far from our house.

I love it!

1.25.11 - On Tuesday, I started the day at a doctor appointment with B.

And then he and I ran errands until lunch time.

It was very chilly and I just couldn't get warm.

So, I fixed myself some black chai tea.

1.26.11 - On Wednesday, it snowed. And school was closed early.
But, the snow didn't stick.
The kids and I had to run an errand to a nearby town.
I took this picture there.
Beautiful, isn't it?
I think it shows how cold and blustery it was that day.

1.27.11 - On Thursday I spent most of the day making
Valentine's Bows.

1.28.11 - Last night (Friday) was Pizza Night at our house.
Lillie and I picked up a surprise for dessert while we were running
errands during the afternoon. CUPCAKES!
This is Miss Lillie with frosting on her lips.
I just loved this picture of her!

1.29.11 - This morning (Saturday), my friend, Kandi, asked us to come to the park.
Since Lillie had a playdate planned and hubs was taking Allie and Maggie
to a basketball game, Brady and I went to the park.
We got there and some of our other friends were there.
This is where we spent a lot of time.
Sliding. I love this picture of the three of them --
all sliding at once.
This is our friend Jasper, Brady and Miss Olivia!

That was our week!
What did you do this week?

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