Saturday, January 22, 2011


I'm about to head of to take a shower. Since my midnight grocery shopping trip a couple of nights ago, I've not caught up on my sleep. But I wanted to get in my 365 post for this week. We've had a busy, busy week. They are all busy. But this one has been particularly busy..... Here's our week!

1/16/11 --- We went to a local restaurant for lunch after church on Sunday, and since we still have snow left from a couple weeks ago, Brady decided to stop and eat some for dessert!
1/17/11 --- Monday was a holiday so no school.
These new pens I bought caused trouble. I laid the new pack of pens on top of my notebook and headed off to take a shower.
After I got out, they were gone. Of course, no one had seen them. Come to find out, Lillie had taken them. She got in trouble for being less than truthful (I had to ask her three times)
about taking them.
1/18/11 --- On Tuesday, Brady brought me this eye patch and asked me to put it one him.
Then he said, "Aaaarrrrggg, Matey!" in his best two year old pirate voice!
1/19/11 --- On Wednesday afternoon, our friends, Lillian and Madeline,
came to visit for a while.
This is sweet baby Lillian!
1/20/11 --- On Thursday, a very rare thing happened. I took all four kids to the grocery store
to order a cake. We all survived.

1/21/11 --- Friday night, was dress rehearsal for Pinkalicious (the Musical).
Maggie takes Musical Theatre and this was their show for the year.
This is at the end of rehearsals. Miss Maggie and our friend, Polly.

1/22/11 --- Today has been a very BIG day! I will be back with
two different posts about this day.
We had two sets of Grandparents come into town for the weekend to celebrate Lillie's birthday and to go to Pinkalicious. Lillie got to invite her friend, Lily, to come over for the family party. And she came with up to eat pizza and to see the show with us.

As you can tell, it's been a busy week, but it's been a fantastic week filled with many friends.
We are blessed to have such wonderful friends in our lives!!!!
in HIM-

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Wendy said...

What grocery store is open at midnight? I don't think I could keep my eyes open to shop. haha.

It's rare for me to not have the kids with me at Wal-mart. Makes for an exhausting trip. :)