Saturday, January 15, 2011


This is the second week of the 365 project for me. I didn't get a picture last
So I don't have anything for 1/9/11......Will try to do better tomorrow!
1/10/11......We woke up to about 8 inches of snow. It continued to snow all day and we ended up with about 10 inches here in my yard. We played out in the snow for a long while that afternoon. SO much fun! 1/11/11......Since we were snowed in, we spent a lot of time playing indoors last week.
This is B and his "pone". We also spent most of Tuesday in our pj's!

1/12/11.......Was this sweet girls 6th birthday. We were able to get out of the house
and take her to eat lunch since there was still no school due to the snow.
She chose Ryan's to eat at. NOT my favorite by far.
She loves it because she can make her own ice cream.

1/13/11......We were still out of school. SO, hubs had the idea to do a
"Stir Crazy Day". We opened up the gym and invited everyone to bring their kids and let them run around for a while.
We had about 20 or so kids come!
It was great!
This is Miss O !

1/14/11....... Family Night! At our house, you have to be 6 to get your ears pierced.
So, we all took a trip to the Mall to do Lillie's ears. She did great. Didn't even flinch!

BUT, first -- we ate at one of MY favorite restaurants!
Papa's and Beer -- Mexican with a Salsa BAR!! Delish!

1/15/11......Today, Maggie had Pinkalicious practice for 4 hours. And I helped paint props.
The show is next weekend and it's going to be fantastic!
Tonight, supper was take out with one less kiddo.
Maggie went to a sleepover/birthday party.

That's it for this week! I am loving this 365 Project. It helps me take a look back at our week. Such fun!!!

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