Tuesday, January 25, 2011

12:21 AM

It's 12:21 AM and I need to be in bed, but first I wanted to tell you about our day.

It's been a very interesting Monday. Starting with a phone call at 6:00AM saying that school was on a 2 hour delay. That's great - I thought! I can do a two hour delay......THEN the second phone call came telling us that school was indeed canceled.....cancelled for a dusting of snow and icy roads that were clear by 10AM.

There was wailing with weeping and gnashing of teeth when the girls were asked to clean their rooms....but luckily they got it done!!!
After lunch, Maggie was invited to her friend Whitney's house. Whitney lives just up the street from us, so after Brady's nap, we walked Maggie over.
This is a stairway up the street. It's covered with Ivy.
I think it's beautiful!
bark......just a bit of artistic licence....;)

Lillie walking on a wall when we were almost back home.

Once we were back home, Brady insisted on staying outside.
Since we had a heatwave today, and it was 48 degrees,
we did just that.
He was "shobeling" and threw leaves on his head.
Can you see them?

There is a tear on his right cheek. He was upset that his sisters were
driving his gator. Even though he is scared of it and is afraid to get in it.

After that, I needed to run some errands so I took this sweet girl with me
and we had Allie and Mom time!

We ran LOTS of errands, ate supper at The Olive Garden (Allie's choice)
and did some shopping. Allie got a doll and some sweet things for her siblings
(she is incredibly thoughtful in that way).
I got these!
I got a great deal on them and
I LOVE them so much!!!!

It's 12:42 AM and I MUST go to bed now!!!! I had to tell you about our great day first!!
What did you do on Monday?
in HIM--

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Ginger said...

Cute shoes! Glad you got some time w/ A! :)