Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween !!!!

From our Family

in HIM-

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Decor 2010

I love decorating for the seasons. For the past few years, I've not had the time to do much decorating. This year, I was determined to do something. Most of these things are very simple. While I am usually a more is better kind of girl, I think these simple decorations turned out quite nice.

The front of the house.....

Close ups of the front steps decor.....
pumpkins to be carved.....

Another carving pumpkin
and a Halloween tub....THANKS, MOM!!!!

My fall leaves wreath.
It's beginning to show it's age.
Think next year will be time for something new.
I do like the leaves though, it's versatile.
After tomorrow, I will take the "boo" ribbon off
and replace it with one that will take allow
this fall wreath to stay on the door through

My mums that are quickly fading.....
with some more great pumpkins.
Again, since these are uncarved --
they will stay through Thanksgiving

Inside the mums, are these adorable decorative picks.
I love them.

Inside the house, I have this cute pumpkin sitting on a table
at the entrance of our living room.

In the dining room, I have a great Halloween tablecloth with a cute runner
and jack-o-lantern on the table but I don't have a picture of it....oops.
I also have this great floral arrangement (my Mom made for me)
and a great jar full of candy corns. The apothecary jar used to be full.....

Back to the living room, my Mom also made me
this FANTASTIC fall wreath to go above my mantle.
I LOVE it and it was stay through Thanksgiving also.
I also have this cute little Halloween welcome sign
on the mantle. Told you I didn't do a lot of decorating this year.

Last night, we had pizza for supper and carved pumpkins.
Miss M wasn't here -she was off on her first sleepover with her
friend N. She was so happy to be going that she gave us
her blessing to carve pumpkins without her.
Hubs and kids did the gross part ;)

Then I set out to do the carving......
A little tip about carving pumpkins.
If you are going to carve fancy pumpkins,
it's best to have actual pumpkin carving tools.
And if you need actual carving tools, it's best
not to wait until 2 days before Halloween to go
and buy them. Because all of the stores, they will
be sold out and will have already started putting
out Christmas decor.....\
Anyhoo, back to the carving....
Miss A took these pictures of me carving pumpkins.
wondering what B was eating in this picture.....maybe raw pumpkin.....
carving words with a serrated kitchen knife isn't easy.

The finished products back on the porch
ready to light up the night.
LOVE how they turned out!!!

I turned the flash on and got this pic. of Miss L
on the front steps with the finished pumpkins.

There they are. Our Halloween decoration - 2010. Now I have to be going. The Halloween fun starts today. Time to get these kiddos dressed in costumes and head downtown for Treat Street. Such fun! And tomorrow evening is our churches Trunk or Treat!!!!
Have a safe, fun Halloween weekend, y'all!
in HIM---

Friday, October 29, 2010

Western Caribbean Cruise - Days 1-3

SO, y'all remember a week ago or 6, hubs and I left on a cruise to celebrate our 10th anniversary which was in April.
I am finally getting around to sharing it here. A little slow, I know. But none the less, I present our Western Caribbean Cruise - Days 1 - 3 -- mostly in pictures.
We cruised with Royal Caribbean and we loved it. The ship "Freedom of the Seas" was HUGE. This was our third cruise and it was by far the biggest ship. We cruised out of Port Canaveral on Sunday, September 19, 2010.
Bye Bye, USA!!!!
There was a tropical storm out at sea, so our first night was
a bit hard. I don't usually get sea sick, but with 15 foot swells.
I was quite dizzy even after taking Dr*amimine.
Since I couldn't open but one eye at a time, there aren't anymore
pictures from our first night on board.
The next morning, however, we had traveled around the
storm and woke to much calmer seas and had a whole
day at sea to explore the boat and rest! Which was pure heaven.
That night, God showed off by providing this AMAZING sunset display!

Hubs and I changed our dining to the second seating and came
back to find mr. piggy on the bed
wearing my sunglasses.

After seeing the show - which was amazing, we drifted off to sleep
and wok on day 3, just in time to see us arrive in Labadee, Haiti.
It was mountainous and gorgeous!

While I was watching us dock, I saw these fishermen and
a kayaker having a chat.

Since we had all day in Labedee, hubs decided he wanted
to the wave rider. He did pretty well
at surfing, even if I do say so myself.




We then got off the ship and enjoyed our late morning and afternoon
in Haiti.
It really was beautiful there.
We walked through the market for about 10 minutes
until I could no longer handle the sales folks....
The cruise line owns this part of Haiti, so they
provided a bbq style lunch on the island.

After lunch we explored the island a bit.

A map that shows where we were located in Haiti.
Hubs and I had climbed down on this rock, when a staff
person came up. I thought for sure he was going
to reprimand us and tell us we couldn't be down on those rocks.
NOPE! He just asked if we wanted him to take our picture.

Shortly after this, we got back on board the ship.
I spent some time on our balcony and did my bible study lessons
and even took a nap.
We ate our amazing dinner and saw another incredible show.
and drifted off to sleep being rocked by the sound of the waves!
More to come on our cruise.....hopefully, it won't take 6 more weeks to get another post in.
Happy Friday, y'all. With Halloween, we've got big doings this weekend. Today's activity will be carving pumpkins. Tomorrow will be Treat Street downtown and on Sunday our church hosts it's annual Trunk or Treat! Hope you have a fun-filled weekend,too.
in HIM-

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

An Amazing Surprise

This past Sunday started as any other Sunday. With me getting up later than I intended and rushing around to get 5 of us ready and out the door by 8:50A so I can drop B off in the nursery and head to our 9AM service with the girls on time. By the time I was able to get myself dressed on Sunday, I was about to be late. I did not have time to find something else to wear when I got dressed and found that the dress I had chosen for the day was tighter than I wanted it to be. Well, I thought. I will just wear this sweater over it and since I sit in the back, maybe no one will notice.

We dropped B at the nursery and made it to the service with a few minutes to spare. I took my seat in the back and got the girls all settled and pretty soon the service began.

The band began playing and as usual did a fantastic job of leading worship. Everything was going along as usual and then it happened. Scott, our worship leader, started talking and out of his mouth comes the words "pastor appreciation month" and then "K and Mindy, please come forward".

I am just going to be honest and tell y'all that my first {incredibly shallow} thought was about my dress being too tight and not wanting to stand in front of the whole church. But, because I am a rule follower and I do as I'm told, I went to join hubs at the front.

And then, Scott presented us with the sweetest surprise ever!!!! The whole church had gotten together and given us some amazing gifts for Pastor's Appreciation Month. I dont' think we will ever be able to convey how thankful we are. And, how completely humbled we are. In the envelope that Scott presented to us was a love offering, 3 gift cards to local restaurants, and 6 {yes, 6} coupons for free babysitting!!!!! ALL of these things are a HUGE blessing to our family.

K and I fully believe that God has brought us to this church for HIS purposes. We know He has a plan for us being here and we pray everyday that we will follow His guidance and His will for our lives in this place. Sometimes, it is pretty easy. Sometimes, it's just hard. Sometimes, it downright stinks - you wonder why you're here. Regardless, we pray that we are following HIM in what HE wants done in the time he has given us to be in this place. And while everything we do is for HIM, it is nice to be appreciated. And to be appreciated in such an incredible way? Completely humbling and overwhelming.

So, to our wonderful church family I say thank you. We will never be able to show you how much we appreciate this amazing gift you've given our family. But, I can promise you this. We will continue to pray and ask for God's guidance in all that we do here. We love you all very much.

I am so grateful that I might even be able to forget about my dress being too tight. maybe.

in HIM-

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Snapshots of the Weekend

My weekend was really good!!!! On Friday I got to go to Asheville shopping with a friend. It was a great day. We went to Papa's and Beer for lunch. Let me tell ya'll......they have salsa bar!!!! That, in itself, is enough to endear this place to me forever. And my fajita's were pretty awesome too! Then we went to the Mall for a bit and to Target. On the way home we went to the best Ingle's around.
THEN -- I came home and shortly thereafter, someone knocked on my door
bearing these!!!!
My hubby is the best!!!! On Saturday, we went to the Rotary Club's annual Pancake Breakfast.
Mr. Tom made the kids Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes. I don't have a picture of them
because I didn't have my camera. After pancakes, they did the cake walk
and we came home with two cakes.....
Grammy and Granddaddy had come to town for A's
birthday celebration so we walked downtown for lunch.
{Have I told you how much I love being able to walk downtown?}
My poser......=)
OH, and I love that she is wearing hot pink
cowboy boots with her ruffled pants!

We sat outside at the restaurant because it was such a nice day.
This is where the girls sat!

I love these silly girls!

And the restaurant was having some live music.
These folks were entertaining....

I love these two guys, too!!!

And I love this shot.
The band was singing/playing to Bingo.
You know, B.I.NGO. B.I.NGO. B.I.NGO and Bingo was his name-o.
L told Granddaddy that she could sing the whole song.
And she did sing it for them.
SO SWEET how they are looking at her!

We then came home for the birthday celebration.
It was a great afternoon!
Sundays are always busy but good.
This past Sunday, we received a HUGE blessing.
But that deserves a post of it's own.
I will be back to tell you about it tomorrow!!!
in HIM-

Monday, October 25, 2010

A's Birthday Festivities

A's birthday celebrating actually began last weekend. When we returned home from our camping trip on Saturday night, there was a package waiting for her. It was from Nana and Grandpap.
I know that this picture is blurry, but you just have the notice the
excitement on her face!

Know what she was so excited about?
Yep - that alarm clock she had ask for.
This alarm clock is pretty cool. It changes to 7
different colors.
She also got a leotard for dance from Nana, too.

Then over the weekend, we celebrated with cake and ice cream
and Grammy and Granddaddy.

It took three attempts to blow out the candles.
She finally cupped her hands around her mouth to
really direct her breath I guess.
A shot of her teeth while eating the very
BLUE icing that was on the cake.

I think M and L thought that meant they were
to act like monsters.....

Time for more presents....
a fishing pole and tackle box
and clothes from Grammy and Granddaddy.
This is Miss Bashful showing us
her new clothes....
Then she opened the gift from us.....
she doesn't look too thrilled right here.....
But I think she loved it -- she got Beauty and the B*east movie
and another leotard. She needed these as all the ones we have
have gotten too small.
This one from Chez Ami is adorable,
don'tcha think?!!?
Miss A also got a new supercute outfit from Grammy and Granddaddy to wear
to church.
She also got the gift of money from PaPa and NayNay and our
friends the Walsers.
She is thrilled that she can go pick something out.
All in all I think she had a fantastic time turning nine!!!!
Have a great Monday ya'll!!!!