Tuesday, August 31, 2010


That is how I am feeling this morning and how I felt yesterday.
I have a million and one things on my to do list and when I get this overwhelmed it's hard to figure out where to start.
Yesterday was one of those days where it seemed that I worked all day or was busy all day but got very little done.
We finished homework and I went to start supper....
finding that I had only gotten one can of beans when the
recipe called for we had to go out to eat.
not in the plan....and not really in the budget either....
After we got home from supper,
the girls were asked to clean their rooms
which looked like a tornado had been through.....
......even though they had just cleaned it up on Saturday.
They went up there but did no work... this overwhelmed and tired Mom put everyone
in bed before 7PM.
Why am I so tired?
My son has forgotten what it means to
sleep through the night. He did very well
until about two weeks ago. And since then
he's only slept all night in his bed twice.
I'm grumpy, and tired and have a million and one things to do.
All of those things lend themselves to one grumpy,
short tempered, emotional me.
I am not being a good wife, a good mom
or even a good me
Leaves me feeling like I will never measure up
to who God is calling me to be.
As I sit here this morning feeling overwhelmed and
wondering where to start and how I'm going to fit it
all in......and how I can ever measure up,
God reminded me of a snippet of a song I heard yesterday
while driving. It's a song that I love but haven't heard in years.

Thank you Lord, for knowing what I need when I need it.

With these lyrics and this great tune running through my head, I'm off to start my todo list.

Beginning with putting the chicken in the crockpot.

Even though, I'm still feeling way overwhelmed and very much that I will

never measure up, I have HIS strength.

in HIM-

Monday, August 30, 2010

Bowling in the Afternoon

Yesterday afternoon we took some of the kids from our Club 4:12 bowling. It was a lot of fun ! AND very long....... When you are bowling with kids who've not bowled often each frame takes a very long time....
Here are a few shots of our day.....
My girls waiting their turn.... J has got this game figured out!

My M on her first time out.....

We even let the little people bowl.
Here is B's first time out.
That may or may not be my rear end in the picture....sorry.

Miss A was having a great time!

Here is L trying the pushing method....

She was rather proud of herself.
J was having a great time and was a pretty good
bowler, too!
S was dancing to the music in between turns.
Some of the parents looking on....

It was a great time and a great kick-off for our fall children's ministry .....AKA Club 4:12.
Can't wait to see what God is going to grow this year in our program and in our kids!!!!
Have a great Monday!
I'm off to an appointment and then to get groceries.
Then back here to start cleaning house and laundry.
in HIM-

Thursday, August 26, 2010

3 Firsts and A Second

It has been a very full couple of days here in our home.
Filled with milestones for each of our 4 kiddos!
YESTERDAY was the first day of school.....
My A started the 3rd grade. I seriously can't believe it.
She was very excited to get to school
Her friend Sarah is in her class.
She is usually my shyest and most bashful child.
Often, she has a hard time being left alone without one of us
to be a buffer and make her feel more comfortable.
So, as we walked arrived at her classroom, I wondered
how long it would be before she was ok with
us moving on. But, Sarah was already at her desk and
we were blessed to find that A's was right next to it.
She barely blinked.
So proud of her!!!
My social butterfly started the 2nd grade.
She was very excited to meet her teacher.
We arrived at her classroom and she,
of course, ran right in.

B had MMO yesterday morning so L and I spent the morning
together celebrating her last day of summer.
I don't have any pictures of us because we
were too busy hanging out together.
We went for breakfast and ate pancakes at
a fun restaurant in town. We then did a little shopping
and got a package of silly bands for she
and her sisters to share.

We waiting anxiously for the other two girls to get home
so we could hear about their first days of school
We walked to the end of the driveway and waited
and watched for the bus....

It finally arrived and these two smiling faces jumped off
I was so glad to see the smiles.
It let me know they had a great 1st day of school!

Daddy came home to be here when the girls got off the bus.
SO, that we could go get ice cream.
This is a tradition we started last year after our friend, K
asked us to join she and her kids in their
already established tradition of getting
ice cream on the first day of school.
On the drive over, we were happy to hear that both girls
like their teachers and sound very excited about
this new school year!

We arrived at the ice cream shop and
were happy to find many friends there.
We all got ice cream (well, I got
raspberry sorbet) and had
a great visit with friends
celebrating a new school year.

The little brothers of all these big girls
reaped the blessings of the celebration, too!

Here they are!!!!
In this picture there is one 6th grader.
Two 3rd graders,
One 2nd grader,
and Two Kindergartners!
(and an aside-- you see those waffle cones they are holding?
They are freshly made for each person.
So you get cold ice cream in a hot waffle cone --yum-o!)
A was having a good time.....being a snake ? or cleaning the floor maybe. =)

J really liked this red desk!

Miss L started Kindergarten!!!!
She carried her brand new Princess Backpack.

We arrived at her classroom, she found her hook for her
backpack and hung it up. After unloading it
all by herself.
We walked into the classroom and
I wrote a check for some fees.
L joined the other kids on the rug
looking at books and didn't look back.
I had to ask for a good bye hug....
I think she is going to be fine!!!
And I can't wait until she gets home
to hear how much she loves it!!!!
this little boy is 2!!!!!!

They are all growing up so fast.
I love watching them grow.
Seeing them learn new things and
watching their personalities form
more and more each and everyday.
BUT, I am amazed that we are 9,7,5 and 2.
Wasn't I just getting married and giving birth to #1 yesterday?
I want to be so very aware of each and every moment I
have with them. I want to see and feel and be here for
each and everything they do!
Lord, can you please slow down time just a little so I won't miss a thing!!!!
Having a rather melancholy day.....
Hope your Thursday is great!!

in HIM--

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Of Harvesting and Fishing

Our Georgia Trip was loads of fun! Not only did we have a Monkey Party, we did lots of other things. We went shopping for some new clothes, we went to see Beezus and Romana (GREAT movie by the way). We also had some new experiences while were were there.
We visited my grandparents and picked apples and pears twice.
They always have a big garden and my grandfather wanted to share the harvest
with us!

My Pa with my girls!

This was my uncles riding toy when he was a little boy.
So, this chicken has been through three generations of kids.

My Granny was drying apples....
she has inspired me. Think I'm going to try it!
They had been drying out in the sun under a sheer cloth
but she moved them inside the screened porch
due to the treat of thunder storms.

We spent a lot of time hanging on my my Mom's
back deck.

B and L with Grammy!
We also went over to my uncle's farm.
We learned about his chickens and saw
how he gathers the eggs.

We picked and ate loads of fresh blueberries!

We got some fresh corn for supper!

Granddaddy also taught us some fishing skills while there.
Here we are checking out the worms.

We were a bit nervous at first because of all of these that were around.

But we soon forgot about the cows and got down to fishing!
We caught lots of fish and threw them back, of course!

A held her fish and threw it back.....
B was very sceptical of the fish at first.
He wouldn't even touch them --but by the end
we got him to kiss the fish.
He was too quick for me though.
I missed that shot. And he refused to re-do it!

Granddaddy showing Allie how to bait her hook...

We learned that fishing takes a lot of waiting....

and patience.....
but usually pays off in the end...
And when we got back to Granddaddy's house,
he handed out rewards.
Everyone won a prize.
L got the prize for first fish caught.
M got the prize for smallest and biggest fish caught.
A got the prize for catching the most fish!
And B, well - even though it wasn't said --
I think he won a prize for kissing a fish! (blech!)
We always enjoy our trips to Georgia. We get to see lots of family and do lots of fun stuff!
It was a week of learning and fun for our family!
in HIM-