Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You might Be a PK!!

Things are crazy around here trying to get all the Christmas stuff done (along with the rest of the things to do). I'm sure you are just as crazy.

BUT, I had to come and tell y'all about my Allie. Bless her heart!

She has had two slips of the tongue lately that had me rolling and yet feeling like she has maybe spend too much time in church.....{just kidding}

1)She was recently trying to tell me something about the pupils in her eyes. But, instead of calling them pupils - she called them "pulpits".

2) A friend was leaving our house last week one night and Allie was trying to tell her that our outside lights have motion sensors......can you guess it?
She said, "Our lights have sinners in them."

You might be a preacher's kid!!!!

in HIM-

1 comment:

Ginger said...

LOL! That's too funny!! Hopefully your hubby can save those sinners in your lights! :)