Friday, December 17, 2010

Top Ten {Country} Christmas Songs

I love music. Always have -- as long as I can remember, I can honestly say that I have loved music. All kinds of music. My musical taste has always been very eclectic. It has ranged from Southern Gospel to Rap. From Garth Brooks to The Beatles and just about everything in between.

These days I don't listen to such a huge variety anymore because well....let's be honest. I don't have time for that. I do have a new found ( at least a sort of new found) love for Pandora Radio. I can come up with all sorts of songs I wanna hear and they just create a station for me. It's awesome!

One of the music styles that really takes me back to my childhood is country music. When I was a kid, that is the kind of music my parents listened to (that and 50's and 60's ) and therefore, i did, too.

This year, with my new found love for Pandora, I've been able to create some very sentimental Christmas music Stations.

Today, I thought I would share with you my Top Ten favorite Country Christmas Songs! Without further they are.....

10. The Christmas Guest by Johnny Cash -- This is a heart warming song about a visit from God to Conrad on Christmas Eve.

9. Where Are You Christmas? by Faith Hill ---From the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. How can you not love this song?!!? Such a great movie.

8. Born on Christmas Day by Brad Paisley ---Thanks to Pandora , I've got a couple new favorites this year. Such as the #7 song on the list and this one! Brad Paisley wrote this song when he was a kid. like maybe 12 or something. I think that is amazing that he was writing songs that young. And it is a sweet, sweet song.

7. Santa's Song by The Oak Ridge Boys - Who doesn't like a good Santa Song?

6.Oh, Beautiful Star of Bethlehem by The Judds -- I really do love this song. My favorite version was once sung by The Men's Ensemble that my Dad sings in at the church where I grew up. BUT the Judd's version is a close second.

5. Oh, Holy Night by Martina McBride -- If I could sing like anyone in the whole world, I would choose to have Martina's pipes. She is fantastic. This is a beautiful song anyway, but when she sings it - its amazing!
4. Thank God For Kids by The Oak Ridge Boys --This song is off the same album as the other Oak Ridge Boys song above. When I was a kid, this song made me feel important. ;)

3. Tender Tennessee Christmas by Amy Grant -- I grew up in Georgia. Extreme North Georgia. I am definitely a GEORGIA GIRL -- but at Christmas Time, when I was driving to Chattanooga to do all my shopping or see the Christmas windows in the downtown shops or whatever we had to go there for -- I claimed this song as my own!

2. Christmas in Dixie by Alabama -- I love, love, love this song. As a southern girl - I think I have to. Plus -- where I grew up in extreme North WEST Georgia -- we were also very close to Ft. Payne, Alabama. I claimed this song, too.

1. The First Noel by The Forester Sisters --This is my all time favorite Country Christmas Song that was ever on an album. These girls do incredible harmony on this song. It's beautiful. There are some other great songs on this album, too. The Carol of the Bells is amazing. And I love the Little Toy Trains song. BUT, I have to say -- my most favorite Christmas song that there sisters ever did was one that was never on an album (at least that I am aware of). They do the MOST beautiful version of In The Bleak Midwinter.
SO, there it is.....My Top Ten Christmas Country Songs.
I wonder, did you/ do you listen to country music? What songs are on your top ten?
AND -- since most of these songs really take me back to my childhood, I wonder -- What are the Christmas songs that take you back?
I am such a sentimental sap.....I know.
in HIM-

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Wendy said...

The Mens Ensemble definitely do the best job on Oh Beautiful Star of Bethlehem. I agree. We've been listening to lots of Christmas music as well. Lots and lots.