Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Heart is Bursting with Joy!!!

We have been doing Advent Devotions as much as possible during Advent. I can't say that we've done it every night but almost!

Tonight, hubs had already gone to church to work (he always goes to church to work on Saturday nights) so the kids and I did the devotion together. The devotion was about God's old covenant with the Israelites vs the New Covenant through Jesus.

We did the devotion and said the prayer, and I told Allie and Lillie that if they ever wanted to ask Jesus into their hearts -- whenever they were ready, to come talk to their Dad and I and we would help them. The thing I want you to hear from me is that I have said this countless times to my girls. And the only one up to this point to do it was Maggie. And it was last year around this time.

I have worried and worried over Allie. I worried because she was older than Maggie and I wondered why she didn't seem to care about asking Jesus into her heart. Hubs was never worried. Said she would get there in her own time.

That time was tonight. {AND -- it was in God's time, of course}
After the devotion and prayer was over, I sent the girls up to brush teeth and get into bed. I told them I'd be up after I got their brother to bed.

Allie stayed behind and when I asked why she wasn't going to brush her teeth, she said "I want to ask Jesus into my heart."

I was so happy. I told her that I needed to get her brother in the bed, and then we could talk.
I immediately called hubs to have him talk to her on the phone because I wanted to be sure it was what she really wanted and not just a response to feeling bad or something. {Although, let me be clear -- the devotion was NOT guilt inducing!!!}

He talked to her for a while, and then we had a blanket crisis {still can't find Brady's blanket}-- but finally got Brady to go to bed with his sister's blanket instead and I went upstairs and sat with my girl.

We called Daddy back, and I held my sweet girls hand as her Daddy led her in prayer.

I am so happy my heart is just bursting with joy and my eyes are bursting with tears.

in HIM-


Deidre said...

Mindy! That is such wonderful news. I think it's so hard to discern as a parent when our children are really making a geniune decision. I made it too hard for Emma. I'm so proud of her and happy for all of you. What a special time!

pinkmommy said...

That is wonderful! I am worrying about mine too! You have encouraged me to trust God's timing.

Because of Love said...

SO special! I pray every night for Breeley and Alyse's hearts and that they will want to "ask Jesus in" someday. I know that was such an important moment for you!

Wendy said...

So sweet! What Advent devotions do you guys do?