Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The First Weekend of Christmas 2010

This past weekend began our Christmas Celebrations. On Friday, we headed to Greensboro to celebrate with Granddaddy and Nana LeeAnne Curtis. The kids had a really big night!
Everyone got raincoats and rainboots - B LOVED his
new fireman gear! Nana LeeAnne had these sweet poncho's made for the girls
And as Maggie said today -- "That makes them special!"

Lillie in her new rain gear.

Allie got a snowglobe to decorate her bedroom.
She loves it!

I just had to share this picture with you.
This is hubs grandmother. We call her Mama Bea.
She is 94 years old. Right before I took this shot, Maggie had
told Mama Bea that she came in from playing to spend some time with her.

The girls got this......
It's a racetrack. Have NO idea where it is going to go.
We had a great time celebrating Christmas with Granddaddy and Nana LeeAnne,
Aunt Tamara and Uncle Barry, and Mama Bea!!!!
We spent the night and left before the sleet/snow arrived in
On Sunday, Nana and Grandpap drove up to celebrate Christmas.
They arrived in time to join us for our Christmas Cantata at church,
and then we went out for lunch.
After lunch, we came home to open presents.
As I was going through the pictures, I was
struck by the awe and pure joy in the kids faces.

Brady was just so excited to be opening gifts.

Lillie is overjoyed about the "baptism gown" for her Bitty Baby.

Maggie got a goat for Josephina (her American Girl doll)
I think she likes it!
And Allie got Bennett and Yank ( Molly's and Emily's Dogs).

Even though, it was a short visit -- it was a great one.
I just love the awe and joy of being a child at Christmas.
Last weekend was so much fun and I am so looking forward to this coming weekend!


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Ginger said...

I put Brady's gift in a bag. Guess I'll wrap it if he has that much fun unwrapping!! Can't wait!!