Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Catching Up on the Whirlwind of Late

I've not posted at all in almost a week. Things have been crazy busy. So, what have we been so busy doing? Well, you might be sorry you wanted to know.....

Here goes --- we checked the girls out of school early last Tuesday (yep. a week ago)

and drove about an hour to this tree farm. where we searched and searched and searched

as quickly as possibly because it was very cold.

And we finally picked out our Christmas Tree.

Aside from a car sick kid on the way home, it was a great trip

and we got a great tree.

We've spent a lot of time at practices for our Christmas play.

By a lot, I mean, that between play practice, meetings and getting a Christmas Tree

we ate fast food (BOO) almost every night last week.
But all that practice is going to be worth it - it is going to be great!

On Thursday, my friend Kandi and I did some Christmas baking.

We made Poppy Seed Bread, Oreo Balls, and Buckeye Balls

Wait. I should say Kandi made all of those --

I spent all my time on Santa Belly Cookies.

Kandi's hubby agreed to watch these two while we baked.

Thanks, AL! You are awesome!

Aren't they cute?

Santa Belly Cookies.....

CUTE but time consuming!!!

On Friday night, we went here.

I have plans to share this with you tomorrow!

We got around to decorating our Christmas Tree....

and the house.....FINALLY!

Yesterday was hubby's birthday.
I made a big breakfast.....and succeeded in making
the best looking homemade biscuits I've ever made.

After breakfast, he opened presents.
The kids had "made" him a lot of presents
and wrapped them all for him.
Maggie's card she made for her dad. SOOO sweet!

See, all of their "homemade" gifts.....
OH - and we woke up Sunday morning to this.....

and it continued to snow all day Sunday and part of the day
on Monday....Needless to say, the kids have been out
of school all week and will be again tomorrow.
We had to post-pone our Christmas play.....
Here's hoping that it works out to do it tomorrow night before
more bad weather is supposed to hit.
I think that catches me up!
Be back tomorrow to share the Polar Express with you.
SO much fun!
in HIM-

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Ginger said...

I'm assuming it was B who was car sick? A friend told me they make Dremamine for kids. You should check it out (before you come to the mountain for Christmas). :) Don't want to show up at Granny's with a pukey baby! ;)