Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Best Christmas Pageant EVER!!!!

Last Sunday night was to be our children's program....but then it snowed. SO, we had to cancel on Sunday night. But, we finally got to do it last night.
The kids have worked for months on "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever".
If you've never read the book, you must go check it out NOW at the library.
The book is only about 75 pages long, and I promise you will love it.
The two ladies who directed the play have worked tirelessly.
As did the people who put together the props and scenery.
I can't thank them enough. Doesn't the set look great?
We met at church at 4:oo and did one last run through....
I didn't' get any pictures during the show because I was in the back.
The show went off wonderfully!!!

Here are my crew.
Maggie was Maxine and narrated the play within the play.
Allie was Ollie Herdman (who is a Wiseman for part of the play)
And Lillie was Doris - one of the Baby Angels.

This is our sweet friend. isn't she cute.

The Baby Angels....

After the show, we had a Birthday Party for Jesus!
We even had birthday cake and goodies for the kids.
The kids were asked to bring a gift to the party for Jesus.
Those gifts will be donated to a local charity.
We also had Santa make a visit.
These are my littles!
Maggie, Lillie, Brady and Allie.
Later on, I took some pics of the kids who were around with Santa.
This is my favorite one of Brady.
He was telling santa he wants cars for Christmas.

Lille and Santa
My Maggie and Santa.

I wasn't able to get Allie with Santa by herself.
She had disappeared to the gym with her friends.
This last picture is Maggie with her friend Whitney.

The play was fantastic! I was crying by the end.
The kids did a wonderful job.
The directors did a wonderful job --
can't wait to see what you guys put together next year!!
In other news, school has been out around here for 4 days now due to the snow and ice.
I am soooooo ready for my girls to be able to get out of this house and away from one another for a while. Today was rough. They fought and argued all. day. long! Whew.
So far, school is still on for tomorrow. I have a feeling though that there will be at least a delay of some kind due to the ice that is still on everything (except the main roads).
We have plans to go to visit hubs Dad and do Christmas tomorrow. We are taking them out of school at noon because it is a few hours drive to his house. That means that my kids are going to have a total of about 4 hours of instructional time all week -- if that.
oh well.....
in HIM-

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