Thursday, December 2, 2010

2 Year Old Boys....

2 Year Old Boys.....

*figure out how to get a stool up to the sink and turn on the water.
*Use this knowledge, to completely drown their sister's walkie-talkie.
*gets into the pantry at every opportunity, pulling food off the shelves,
until finding what it is he was looking for to eat.
*write on walls if the opportunity arises.
*smear chapstick all over the bumper pads in their beds.
*quite often plays with his sisters pocketbooks and goes in search of them.
*never stops running from the moment he gets up til the moment he is put into bed.
*dumps his cookies into the sink and turns the water on resulting
in a mushy mess!
*frequently unplugs computer cords.
*goes to throw away his yogurt container,
and instead paints the wall with the remaining yogurt.

*Refuses to nap and strips down to least from the waist down.

* Melts my heart when he says his prayers at night,and then says "I wush ooo".

*Wears his Mama and Daddy out on a daily basis!

At least, this is what our two year old boy has been up to lately.

BUT, I wouldn't have it any other way!

in HIM-

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Lisa said...

I have one of those.
Aren't they great?